One Chip To Rule & Runs All Types Of AI Software – Tianjin Natively


Tianjin: AI Software is used to get the functions that are human-associated in machines. It is taking its steps towards every field in the present world. It makes things simpler and brings scope for more advanced technology.

We always think that AI has only in one way of use and entry to technology, but it is developing in all different fields. The main one is still calculating and feeding results to the machine, checking them and bring into use. The other branch is involved in small units communicating in bursts of activity called spikes and keeping a record of them.

One Chip To Rule All AI Software – Tianjin 

These two mainly used fields have two several branches depending upon the calculations or communication. They were able to recognize the intelligent and excellent manner of intelligence. AI Software can solve problems like knowing a pattern and improve the performance of the software.

The development of Tianjin is by a large team of researchers in China is very notable. It designed in a way the individual processing units can switch from spiking communications back binary and perform an extensive range of calculations. It is more fast and effective than a GPU.

To demonstrate Chip abilities, China Researchers has run three different AI Algorithms. They are implemented on a self-driving bicycle on a single chip simultaneously. The Key functions divided into two layers, namely layered calculations or spiking communication. So, layered one will feed the results of calculations according to the inputs to the next layer. These layers will have a track on which it should communicate and data that should transfer.

Tianjin One Chip To Rule Them All 

The individual layers of the chip will have a track of communicating and also on themselves. They also keep on track on present and along with the past details. But these need large and clear layer structure and detail computations within any unit.

So, the Tianjin team has changed with the FCore Architecture designs for two classes of AI Software, which are different. They are common underlying compute architecture or quickly configured on the fly to handle each other.

Tianjic Chip

The communication among these compute units FCore uses the language of neural networks, which is binary. FCore is also able to give output spikes in binary format allow communicating in neuron based algorithm. Local memory at each processing unit will either track the history of spikes or buffer for input or output data.

So, each unit in FCore architecture can switch between calculating mode of communication purpose. The chips can take the inputs, calculate, transfer them code that other one can understand. It means any unit on-chip can act as a translator between two Algorithm types. It allows them to communicate with others when they run on the same chip.

Tianjic Natively Runs All Types Of AI Software

The FCore also designed for scale, and map connections among the compute units. It is good enough to allow connections for external to the individual chip. So, the one neuron can smoothly go across multiple cores in a processor or various Processors also.

The Tianjic Chip is of multiple F Cores that arrange in 2 Dimensional Mesh. It has about 40,000 compute units that tell there are 256 FCore individuals. It is on a 28-nanometer process which is double cutting edge process using in desktop and mobiles. Tianjic can shift 600GB/second and perform nearly about 1.3 Tera-ops/sec when it runs at 300MHz.

AI Software Tianjic

The self-riding bicycle which the chip practically implemented can do many things. It can cross the obstacles on the road, can track the target around. The spiking neural network can make the bike follow the voice commands. The multilayer Perceptron tracked the bike balance, and the inputs coordinated with the neural state machine upon spiking neural network.

So, the Tianjic uses a single architecture to implement a variety of different processes. These can collectively make sense of surrounding and plan actions that respond to it. This ability to run and integrate several algorithms will help to improve the AI Software Implementations in technology.


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