Brazil Official Is Ousted After Reporting Rising Amazon Deforestation


The Physicist Ricardo Galvo is removed from the respected National Space Research agency as president Jair Bolsonaro accused him of lying about the rising the levels of Amazon Deforestation.

The Galvo removed from INPE which in last month announces preliminary data based on satellite images. It shows that there is an 88 % annual increase in deforestation in Brazil Amazon.

The president says number a lie that without providing evidence to back his claim. With these given numbers the Amazon region has to extinguish. As a response to this, Mr. Galvo answer in a TV Interview on July 20th that Mr. Bolsonaro is not even qualified to question the INPE data.

Brazil Official Reporting Rising Amazon Deforestation

On the next Thursday, Mr. Bolsonaro pushed against the accuse and said the figures are not accurate and Mr. Galvo has given false numbers and would fire. The following day Mr. galvo has announced that his position has become illogical.

President of Brazil, who is a business leader, is trying to boost the economic activity in Amazon, has bashed environmental activism. It acts as a plot to keep Brazil from exploiting the rain forest resources.

Amazon Deforestation

Mr. Bolsonaro, an ally of Brazil dominant agribusiness sector, accuses authorities of excessively prosecuting farmers and miners in the jungle. Some experts also add that his rhetoric is causing a new rise in deforestation.

INPE estimates that about 370 square miles of Amazon forest lost in June 2019, which is an 88% increase from the same month in last year. It also says that deforestation is a 24.8% increase from Aril-June when compared to a year earlier.

The National Institute Of Space research sends this data to Brazil. It contains the sixty percentage of Amazon, where half of the country’s territory covers. For helping to avoid and take measures to control the damage.

This rise in deforestation will coincide in the dry season of June to September. It will make it easy to cut trees and burn them. The satellite images took in a cloud-free sky that will give clear images.

Deforestation in Amazon is mostly the illegal miners, loggers, and farmers, ranchers. These expand their soy fields and pastures into the jungle. The Amazon destruction is very high decades ago before it declined for years. But it began to rise again since 2015.

Report Rising Brazil Deforestation

Scientists say that Amazon Rain Forest Deforestation is linked up with the ecosystem and climate change. It will cause environmental ills like the expansion of Sargassum algae across the Caribbean that puts the ecosystems at risk.

Amazon Deforestation Data

Amazon Deforestation will cause global warming effect not only to the South American region but to the whole world. Amazon forest keeps tons of carbon within the forest and doesn’t release into the atmosphere.

The Carbon, which is the main reason for global warming, took by the Amazon Rain Forest. If the Amazon Deforestation increases at a high rate, then that will increase the carbon rate in the earth atmosphere. So, we should take care of the situation and protect the Amazon forest.

 Rising Amazon Deforestation

Mr. Pontes expressed his confidence in the accuracy of INPE Data but asked more accurate data for better understanding. He also added that Mr.Bolsonaro’s reaction to the data figures is not acceptable.

The spreading of the data can complicate relations with the European Union. Some of the officials oppose a new trade deal with Brazil and South American Countries because of concerns over deforestation.

Over the past decade, previous governments have managed to reduce the deforestation with concerted action by federal agencies and system of fine. But Mr. Bolsonaro and his ministers have criticized the penalties and overseen a dramatic fall in confiscations of timber.


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