Fires in Amazon Rainforest Increase at Record Rate | Causes of Amazon Fires


Amazon Rainforests are burning at a record rate, and this is a warning, and there will be a massive difference in climate change. Nearly 73,000 wildfires are reported in the Amazon Rainforest this year.

They have detected 9,500 Wildfires in Amazon Forest and according to the National Institute of Space research. Environmental organisations stated that the causes are by cattle ranchers and loggers who want to clear and utilise the land.

The Amazons are the Lungs of the planet that provides about 20 % of Earth’s oxygen. These Amazon fires seen from the space, and they are continuing from the last three weeks.

Fires in Amazon Rainforest Increase at Record Rate

The INPE has recently reported that the Amazon Rainforest Fires have increased to 84% from the same period in 2018. It is considered as a global issue and should take measures to reduce the rate of these fires.

The NASA Satellite images show that these smokes travelled to nearby cities, which are a thousand miles away. The Sao Paulo is blackout between 3 PM to 4 PM because of the smokes from Amazon Rainforest.

Amazon Rainforest Fires

Environmentalist says that the cause of Amazon Wildfire is the human activates. They are clearing the Amazon with Logging and other illegal activities. Thousands of acres of Brazil are swiped away with the Amazon Fires.

Causes of Amazon Fires In Brazil

The Amazon region has seen many wildfires before, but this is the worst and most significant of them all. The rainforest has naturally put offs these wildfires due to its humidity and water resources. But this time the Amazon fires are increasing to a great extent.

The Amazons of South America is the Wettest Land on Earth, which has continuous rainfall because of the dense trees. The Main three reasons for this fire are deforestation, which is much of illegal.

The area of half size of Rhode Island lost in July alone of this year. The easy way to clear the land is to cut the tress let them dry and set fire. It is mostly illegal and is not taken care of by the government.

Help Burning Amazon With Environmental Organizations

The other one is cattle ranching and soy production. More than three-quarters of deforestation in Amazon result is the result of these. The farmers use this as an easy tool to clear the land and help maintain an area for agricultural.

Amazon Rainforest

The third reason is the increase in droughts, which occurs naturally. But the rate of these droughts is increasing due to the climatic change and cutting down trees. It is creating the self-reinforcing loop, which is less water dries and kills trees, which provides more fuel for more fires.

The Amazon Rainforests are the largest and only one kind on the planet that holds the global warming gases and gives oxygen. It affects the world climate, and after these wildfires, many organisations have taken a step to help the amazon.

Causes of Amazon Fires

These organisations have collected millions of dollars that help to get the Amazons back. They are non-profit charities that help the world environment form destroying. We all need to improve the Amazon and retain again if these wildfires continuous then there will be an impact on the world. The researches say there are more droughts records in the future.

The glaciers are melting down in the coastal region, and Greenwich has seen the recorded summer heats this year. The earth temperature is increasing with global warming. Now, the Amazons are burning that will inevitably affect the nature and climate of the Earth Planet.

We should help the situation by giving support to the organisations and NGO who are working to stop the fires. We can’t build the Amazon back quickly and in a small period. So, we need to prevent the fires and contribute to decreasing the damage to the environment.


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