Antarctic Glaciers Are Slipping 100 Percent Than Thought That Causes Significant Consequences Of Sea Level


Antarctic glaciers are slipping because of the meltwater beneath is causing sudden acceleration in the movement. It is the first time scientists have observed, and it is 100 percent more than they thought. The glaciers are moving 400 meters per year for several days and many times a year.

These discovered by the data from satellite images in the Polar Regions. It is because of the increase in the rate of snowmelt which is the consequences of global warming.

Glacier images showing the meltwater beneath glaciers moving towards the downhill increasing sea level

The Antarctic glaciers are moving towards the sea, and scientist says that situation will occur more frequently in the future years. If the temperature rises in Polar Regions, then the acceleration of the glaciers will also increase than the excepted.

Antarctic Glaciers  Slipping Causes Sea Level Increase

We all need to take precautions to decrease the meltwater rate, which will show the effect on Antarctic glacier slipping. The internal deformation of the ice beneath is causing them to move downhill towards the sea. They are sliding over the ground under them, which is caused by slippery liquid water beneath. The Antarctic is melting and that creating a significant increase in the sea level that will become worse if the situation continues.

If this continues, we need to afraid for the future and taking the recent event of Thwaites glacier. It is found to melt much faster than last year, and now it is quarter thinner. The ice shelf melting rate is increasing day by day and if it meets the warm ocean water where these glaciers float that can lead to shelf collapsing.

Antarctic Glaciers Slipping
Antarctic Glaciers Are Slipping 100 percent faster than thought towards the sea

Global warming is the main reason for the melting of the ice in these regions. The scientist discovered that the ice melting in Antarctica region increased by six times compared to records in 1979. This water comes towards the sea, and there is an increase in sea levels of more than a half-inch. It may also get worse that will sink away many islands and regions.

Reasons for Slipping 

The increase in the carbon emission and natural gas are the reason so the increasing temperatures which are showing effects on our glaciers. If this continues, we need to see smaller glaciers without ice and increase in water level in oceans that will sink the islands.

There will be a multi-level rise in sea level because of the water coming from Antarctica glacier slipping. In 1970 to 1990 there are only 40 gigatons of ice melting annually that increased to 252 gigatons in 2009-17. The glaciers which are stable for the whole year will show the present-day features of Greenland and Alaska that change according to seasons

This melted water does not cause any good as these glaciers are keeping some bacteria tight in them for centuries. If this water comes towards the sea, then there will be new infections from these, and that will lead to more new health issues. There are also some recent recording regarding the virus caused by these bacteria.

We need to take precautions before the situations go out of hands as they are melting very fast than excepted. The recent global climatic strike on Friday is for protecting the earth from warming, saying that there is no planet B for us to move and destroy. So, we need to take immediate precautions, and it is responsible for every citizen to protect the earth.

The global warming on earth is increasing the temperatures causing melting of ice. These effects of Antarctic glacier slipping will show a significant impact on the level of seawater. It is for the first time that the meltwater is slowly moving towards sea beneath the layer, glaciers that too way faster than our thought. If the atmospheric temperature increases, we can see more these situations in the Antarctic region.


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