Pokemon Go Armored Mewtwo the Next Big Thing in the Game


Pokemon Go is a reality game available for both iOS and Android devices. This will take you to the world, to explore the real locations and search far wide for Pokemon. A new addition may come in Pokemon Go in the coming days. The Pokemon GO is updated on April 6th with all new code pointing to Armored Mewtwo. The latest Pokemon Go Armored Mewtwo 0.139.3 shows new codes regarding Gen 1 Pokemon Mewtwo. These codes are given by the data miner recently and are also official. This refers to the Armored form of Mewtwo and also Pokemon Sword and shield. There is no complete information about this we need to wait for the updates.

Pokemon Go Armored Mewtwo
Pokemon Go Armored Mewtwo

Pokemon Go Armored Mewtwo the Next Big Thing

The popular dataminer Chrales has reported that the most recent version Pokemon Go code. This will give us the hope that Armored Mewtwo is around the corner. Armored Mewtwo Pokemon Go code is as below

MEWTWO_A (possibly an acronym for Armored Mewtwo)



These are the code which came out that strongly supports the Armored evolutions rumors.

We can also hope that the Armored Mewtwo is a form of Pokemon Sword and shield. The first Armored Mewtwo was seen in the movie “Mewtwo Against Mew”. He may again appear in the upcoming film Pokemon the movie “Mewtwo strikes back Evolution”. This will release on July 12, 2019, live in Japanese theatres. It is where we can see Armored Mewtwo in Pokemon Go. If this not any rumor then we will see him in soon.

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Pokemon Go Armored Mewtwo

This will bring all new to the Pokemon franchise and which will be complete this summer. We can also see whether the Armored Mewtwo is only a tie and will make a huge difference to the entire Pokemon. There is no information available about Armored Mewtwo other than some special intro inside the game.

So, this may be a rumor and you may feel bad if there are no further details. So keep this as a rumor and hope to become true for more fun and entertainment. For more updates on games check ksweekly.