Artificial Intelligence Can Improve All the HealthCare Of its Users


Many of us have heard that Artificial Intelligence will enter the healthcare field. In which humans are attended by them physically. These AI-driven computers are programmed and designed with human intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence in health care refers to doctors and hospitals. These can access massive data sets of the life-saving information. It includes the treatment methods, survival rate, and speed of care of millions of patients. Artificial intelligence also consists of geographical locations, innumerable, and too interconnected health conditions.

Artificial Intelligence Improve HealthCare 

The AI will take its place in medical care early, and that can help the people in various aspects. But there are warnings the publicity of AI has to realize that it did not enter the real clinic. It is still unclear whether the AI will help the patients or it is just the line of Silicon Valley companies, healthcare organizations.

Artificial Intelligence

The Biomedical informatics researcher Issac Kohane says patients want AI technology to bring to bear weakness in the healthcare system. But we need to make this possible without any Silicon Valley promotion.

If things with Artificial intelligence in Healthcare works as promised, then it is a boon for the United States. The AI in healthcare can decrease the cost and access for underserved communities.  It ranks poorly on many health measures despite an average annual cost of $10,739 per person.

 Healthcare Can Improve With Artificial Intelligence 

It will reduce the overworking of doctors that will, in turn, decrease the rate of medical errors that kill tens of thousands of U.S patients. It can also help the nations that have fewer physicians like China that has overcrowded hospitals. They have outpatients up to 10,000 people per day, and such technologies don’t need perfect accuracy to prove helpful.

They are critics who are pointing out that if the rush to implement AI crushes patient private policy overlooks the biases and limitations. It will vanish the promises of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.

Artificial Intelligence technology is famous because they are unlike some computer program that follows the instructions. The AI technology can read the data, learn from it, and can act accordingly. Deep learning of AI will give impressive predictions by discovering data patterns which are not possible by humans.

Artificial Intelligence alone cannot predict healthcare. The humans still help them to take decisions in significant health and financial consequences. As the AI systems lack the knowledge in general information, they can predict wrong which harms the patients.

AI Can Improve Health Care 

It is proved by the senior researcher Rich Caruana who worked on a project to detect the symptoms. Deep understanding of predictions can also fail if they come across the unique data points. They are like unusual medical cases, anything for the first time. Also, when they learn unique patterns in particular data, they don’t generalize well them.

These AI predictions can give their best in the massive data like countries China. So, they can be trained to access large populations and patient data. But even large data sets can also have problems when researchers try to apply their algorithms to a new community.

Healthcare Artificial Intelligence

While AI Models cannot work in every case, Ghassemi thinks the technology is still being exploring for the best results. She also added they are very excited to bring these models to be active, but with apparent steps and testing.

The electronic health records already in existence and spread among hundreds or private users that are successful. If everything goes well, then many tech companies and healthcare organization will pull to follow similar paths by giving medical data to their AI Model.

If these Artificial intelligence Models go through the entire test and enter into the real world, they will become significant partners for humans in reshaping modern healthcare.


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