CBD Use Costs Woman Job In Wells, Points To Change In Employment Law


CBD Use Costs Woman Job in Wells that traced the supplements of THC in her system at the last stage. Temporary worker Audra Dieffenbach applies for a full-time job at MaineHealth but failed at the drug test.

The Audra works at the department at MaineHealth, that runs a dozen hospitals in the state. So, when the opportunity this summer the Wells woman to switch from temporary procurement assistant to permanent position buyer.

Everything went well for Dieffenbach till the final drug step, which is mandatory. As the MaineHealth receives federal funding and the drug test result in the tiny amounts of THC. It is because of the CBD supplements that she takes. She takes this drug relieves pain from endometriosis is derived from cannabis.

CBD Use Costs Woman Job In Wells

The CBD Drug contains little traces of THC and is widely used in medical purposes. With this, she was not able to get a permanent job and also fired from her temporary position. It is very shocking that would happen on taking a supplement and which was on the right up till that point.

Most federal jobs and other jobs in companies that receive federal funding or operate with federal regulation requires a drug test before hiring new employees.  Other companies not related to federal test only for specific jobs that entail high risks like performing heavy equipment.

Woman fired because of THC test result that she says was due to CBD supplement
Audra Dieffenbach fired from MaineHealth, as she failed the test at a THC level

But Maine Law generally bars pre-employment drug testing marijuana, except for applicants required tested under federal rules. So, if you are applying for a clerk job in the non-federal based companies there is no need to undergo drug test for marijuana. But applying the federal companies, you need to take the test.

Last week, workers at the Twin Rivers paper mill in Madawaska successfully ratified a new union contract that removes THC from its random drug testing list. Michael L. Buescher, a lawyer with Drummond Woodsum in Portland who specialises in cannabis law, says workplace laws are unclear.

CBD Use as Supplements, Change In Employment Law

People can legally use cannabis products. Employers in Maine must apply a reasonable suspicion barrier when determining if an employee impaired on the job. Employees can take action only if they have a reasonable suspicion that an employee is using marijuana at work or influenced under when on the job.

Maine is still making its rules, and some of the employment laws might change as a result. MaineHealth declined to comment on Dieffenbach’s case and announces it conducts pre-employment testing under Maine and federal guidelines. The little amount of CBD Use Costs Woman Job and lost the opportunity.

John Porter, a spokesman, said that company uses 50 nanogram level in the initial screening. If the test shows THC levels above than 50 than the second test conducted, and he fails if it shoes above 15 nanograms. Audra Dieffenbach’s second test showed 24 nanograms reading.

She stated that she uses Amethyst Elixir of Freeport company and it says that its water-soluble CBD with 0.3 Percent THC, which is legal under federal law. It also showed a certificate of analysis that shows THC content by weight of 0.28 Percent.

She appealed for another test, but the company did not answer and not only her promotion her temporary job also removed. Audra got an email from MaineHealth with as a result of CBD Supplement she was using for pain of endometriosis. There are no hard feelings for the right company, and her supervisors and co-workers are very supportive during her time. You also check Geneticists Untangling The Mystery Of Left-Handedness using the brain images of different people.

Only Nevada and New York city have outright bans on pre-employment drug testing and the District of Columbia. These are the word of Morgan Fox, who is a spokesman for the National Cannabis Industry Association. He also included those bans allow exceptions for positions that affect public safety, transportation and law enforcement.


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