Comcast Internet Plan Of $10 Opens Up To All Low-Income And Disabled Americans


Comcast is expanding the inexpensive internet service program to all low income and disabled Americans. The expansion of the program is more than double the number of homes that can access the $10 a month service increase up to 7 million.

Low-income families face issues with broadband services that have only a few affordable options. Comcast has a program of $10 connectivity program for anyone facing financial instability.

Comcast Internet Plan Of $10 

It is the American telecommunication that takes care of broadcasting in the states. It has introduced the “Internet Essentials” program by offering cheap internet economically low groups. Comcast has given a helping hand to about two households till date.


With this new program, it will give more services with expanded eligibility options if you are beneficiary of any financial programs from government or disabled or low-income households. You can apply on the official website.

The program was started eight years ago to help the children who receive free or reduced-price connections at school and get access to the internet at home. The program modified about eleven times with changes in eligibility requirement.

The eligibility includes low-income veterans and people receiving housing benefits from the government. Latest expansion also brings the people with disabilities, seniors who are taking Medicaid.

Comcast $10 Internet Plan To Low-Income

It will erase the difference between large, low-income cities and suburbs where the service doesn’t exist. According to the US Census data, people living in the towns with the highest poverty rates up to 10 times more likely than those with higher levels of income not have broadband at home.

It means the cities like Palo Alto, California, or Bethesda, Maryland, with a low poverty rate has 94 percent of households have internet connections. Trenton, New Jersey, Flint and Michigan who has poverty level above than the national average has 60 percent of broadband connections.  So, this new offer of Comcast will help many low-income people.

In the previous program you are eligible to a dozen applications or so, but today Comcast announces the following groups are newly able to take advantage of the program.

  • Persons with disabilities
  • Seniors who are on Medicaid
  • All low-income Adults (who are 38% above the poverty line in your area)

Comcast Expand Internet

The last low-income program will make a lot of people eligible who have not participated in one of the programs like the National School Lunch Program, Section 8 Housing. If you are low income, then apply for the connection.

Internet Plan $10 For Low-Income And Disabled 

To be eligible for this program, the applicants should show that they are participating in one or more government assistance programs. A list of these programs given.

If you are not sure about the income, then participating in these programs will make you eligible. The assistance programs are like Medicaid, NSLP free or reduced-price lunch, SNAP or food stamps, HUD Housing Assistance and Section 8, Temporary Assistance for Needy Family, Supplementary Security Home, LIHEAP, Tribal Assistance, VA Pension and Women, Infants and Children(WIC).

Any of the programs above are qualified for the $10 broadband. And you can also apply of $150 computers by Comcast. But the computers are not as recommended as they may be cheap quality.

It is a 15 megabit connection that means it does not come under the broadband under current definitions. But you can stream music, play games using this speed. People can also complete their web stuff like emails, applications, ordering from online, and also watch YouTube Perfectly. But to watch the Netflix and streaming sites in HD quality, it will buffer a bit.

It was a good offer from Comcast as these are very rare, and it is appreciable. It is much better than the other low-income connection options of other broadband connections. Though these have high importance, the Comcast $10 offer is pretty good. Before confirming the association makes sure you ask all details about provider about the low-income connection offer.


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