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NTR Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 1 Gets Record Breaking TRP Ratings


Bigg Boss Show TRP Ratings: The most awaiting show of Telugu Small Screen is Bigg Boss Telugu. All the imaginations are now true, NTR Bigg Boss gets record breaking TRP Ratings on the First Episode. Of Course, Young Tiger stolen the heart with his massive smiles towards the audience.

NTR Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 1 Gets Record Breaking TRP Ratings

Mainly the theme of the show is, all the 14 contestants have to live in one house without any connection to the world for around 70 days. Almost 60 cameras are rolling around the house. Each and every moment of contestant has to capture in the cameras. Of Course, the first episode is mainly about the contestant’s introduction.

Bigg Boss Show TRP Ratings

After the first episode, NTR got an overwhelming response from the audience and fans. All the fans have super excited to see NTR on the small screen. Of Course, all the contestants also have super excited for to participate in the Bigg Boss Show. After the completion of the episode, NTR got Praised by everyone on the social networking sites.

Bigg Boss Show TRP Ratings

A Million viewers have watched the show in the last night. Firstly all have waited for to know the contestant’s names. Now the wait of the audience is over. Last night NTR revealed the all the contestant’s names. The show will telecast from sat-sun at 9 PM whereas from Mon-Fri at 9:30 PM. The show is telecasting in the Star Maa Channel. Also, it seems that NTR offered a huge amount for the show.

All the fans have congratulated NTR through the twitter by giving the comments. NTR ran the show with comedy timing mannerism. It seems that Bigg Boss Show TRP Ratings will be at the record breaking level. All the audience are waiting for the show with curiosity like who will win the Bigg Boss Show Title?

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