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Happy Chaitra Navratri: Chaitra Navratri is one of the important Hindu festivals. As the name itself says that, it is celebrated for nine days. This festival is celebrated twice in a year. Once it is observed in the months of March – April and the other in September – October. In the months of March-April, it is called Chaitra Navratri, and in the months of September – October, it is named as Ashwin Navratri. Goddess Durga Devi is worshiped on these Navratri days. Wish everyone a Happy Chaitra Navratri.

The word Navratri is a Sanskrit word, which means nine nights. So on these nine days and nights, we worship nine forms of Devi. Chaitra Navratri is also known as Vasanta Navratri and also Basant Navratri. Depending on the region and tradition goddess Devi is worshiped. Here are nine forms of Devi during Navratris.

1. Durga
2. Bhadrakali
3. Amba or Jagadamba – Mother of the universe
4. Annapoorna Devi – The one who bestows grains in plenty
5. Sarvamangala – The one who gives happiness to all
6. Bhairavi
7. Chandika or Chandi
8. Lalita
9. Bhavani

All these nine days, she is worshiped in different names. Every day she has a new power, new look, new character and new duty. Goddess Durga is worshiped in the names of Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skanda Mata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Maha Gauri and Siddhidatri. First six days are celebrated in homes and from the seventh day Chaitra-Navratri celebrations start. Share Chaitra Navratri Images Messages Wallpapers that are attached below.

People offer pujas to Goddess Durga according to their days. Here is the list of all the Goddess.

1. First Day – Shailaputri

  • She is treated as a daughter of Himalayas.
  • She took the form of Shakti and is associated with Lord Shiva.

2. Second Day – Brahmacharini

  • The name is derived from the word Brahma, which means Tapa(Penalty)
  • She took the form of Parvathi or Uma.

3. Third Day – Chandraghanta

  • She symbolizes beauty and bravery.

4. Fourth Day – Kushmanda

  • She is considered as a creator of entire Universe.

5. Fifth Day – Skand Mata

  • She is treated as the mother of Skanda, who is a warrior of God’s Army.

6. Sixth Day – Katyayani

  • She is seen on a lion with three eyes and four hands.

7. Seventh Day – Kalratri

  • The name itself says darkly.
  • She has four hands and is marked for making devotees fearless.

8. Eighth Day – Maha Gauri

  • She is known for beauty and is dressed up in white colored clothes and ornaments.
  • She is a symbol of calmness and wisdom.

9. Ninth Day – Siddhidatri

  • She is seen on a lotus and has all eight Siddhis.
  • She is praised by all Rishis, Munis, Sadhakas, and Yogis.

Happy Chaitra Navratri Wishes

Jyoti me Prakash, pulkit hai dharti,
Jagmagaye akash, diyon ki katar kahe,
Apke ghardwar viraje khushiyan apar
Wish you Happy Navratra.

Long live the tradition of Hindu culture and as the generations have passed by Hindu culture is getting stronger and stronger let’s keep it up. Best Wishes for Navratri

This Navratri light the lamp of happiness, prosperity, and knowledge,
Happy Chaitra Navratri!

Pyar ka tarana uphar ho,khushiyo ka nazrana beshumar ho, na rahe koi gam ka ehsas; aisa navratra utsav is saal ho, . . Happy Chaitra Navratri.

I know that Goddess Durga is happy with me
For She has made my life so rich
with a friend like you!
Happy Chaitra Navratri!

May this Navratri bring
happiness in your life
Hatred is far apart from your life.
Enjoy the festival with love on your heart

May Maa Durga empower you and your family With her nine swaroopa of name, fame, Health, wealth, happiness, Humanity, Education, Bhakti & Shakti. Happy Navratri!

May the goddess Durga to give you all gifts of life,
gifts of joy, gifts of happiness, gifts of friendship,
gifts of love and all other gifts you want to have in your life.
Happy Chaitra Navratri

Ramji ki mahima Sita maa ka dhairya Lakshmana ji ka tej aur Bharat ji ka tyaag hum sabko jeevan ki seekh deta rahey. Happy Chaitra Navratri.

Chaitra Navratri Images

Chaitra Navratri Images
Chaitra Navratri Images
Happy Chaitra Navratri Messages
Happy Chaitra Navratri Messages
Happy Chaitra Navratri Quotes
Happy Chaitra Navratri Quotes
Happy Chaitra Navratri Wishes
Happy Chaitra Navratri Wishes
Happy Chaitra Navratri Greetings
Happy Chaitra Navratri Greetings