Clash Royale Latest Updates 2019 Brings Some Major Changes In Game Balancing


Clash Royale: Recently, Clash Royale has got new updates. All those new updates are first announced on the Official website of Clash Royale. After that, they started rolling out a few days back. Therefore, fans of Clash Royale should make sure to update game balancing on Application.

Clash Royale Latest Updates 2019 

It is one of the topmost multiplayer Smartphone game. It is developed and published by Supercell. In this Smartphone game, they combine the elements from tower defense and more. It was released in March 2016. Within a few days, it has become a very popular game in the market.

Clash Royale Game Balancing Updates
Clash Royale Game Balancing Updates

Almost 100 million downloads on play store. It is a very popular game in both Android and iOS devices. Always developers have to update the game balancing changes monthly. Because to make the game more fun and very interesting to play. Here we are adding some of the updates of the game.

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Game Balancing Updates In Clash Royale

There are some of the updates that are added in Buffs and Nerfs of Multiplayer game. So, now we are adding here:


  • Witch: Spawn 3 skeletons when destroyed
  • Giant Skeleton first attack will improve to 3 Seconds and skeleton mass increased to 18.
  • Goblin hut spawn speed has improved to 4.5 seconds.


  • Moreover, flying Machine hit speed reduced to 1 second.
  • Bandit Hitpoint reduced by 4%.
  • Ram Rider’s Bola now slows 85% and no longer immobilizes.

Clash Royale Latest Updates 2019 In-Game Balancing

In the game balancing updates of Clash Royale, the most interesting change had made to the Ram Rider’s. In addition to that, developers had change snare movement from 100% to 85%. These are the new updates of Game on your devices. If you want more information related to gaming then you can visit and check in Ksweekly.