Game Of Thrones Season 8 All Set To Air On April 14 | Beware Of Online Malware Attacks


The fans of Game Of Thrones are waiting for the start of the final season of the show. The show is going to hit the screens this April. Fans are in a great eager for the head start of GOT as this is the final season. The Game Of Thrones Season 8 is all set to air from April 14 on HBO channel. As the fans are waiting even the cyber malware function are waiting to spread. So, you need to take the precaution while watching or downloading the content online.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 

As the cyber Malwares concentrate on the online shows which are more popular and frequently hit by the users. They have already used this to spread malware functions in the previous season. The final episode of season 7 is shared 400,000 torrents across in 2017. The most common threat comes when you try to watch the Game Of Thrones using the torrent files. The malware hides in the shortcut of downloading the game.

Game Of Thrones Final Season
Game Of Thrones Final Season

The Game Of Thrones accounted for 17 percent of infected pirated content in the last season 2018. This attacked 20,934 users and this is a reason for no release of the episode or season in 2018. The last episode Walking Dead and Arrow in the last season infected number of users. The Kaspersky security Lab gave these strategies. They also mentioned there will be Malware function in Game Of Thrones final Season for sure.

Beware Of Online Malware Attacks On Game Of Thrones

The Malware function particularly attacks with the first episode or the finale of the season. The attack occurs when you click on the play button or a download link from a website. In the zeal of watching the episode, the users will not check the website and click on the play and face the malware attack in a few seconds. So, while watching GOT Final Season 8 check the website and the file extension other than Video format files.

Always be cautious about the first episodes as the Game Of Thrones first season first episode “Winter is coming” also has many malware attacks with it. So, these mainly concentrate on these episodes we need to be careful and check before using a website and have a safe entertainment.


As the season is going to come very soon the Kaspersky Lab warned all the users to be aware of the Malware attacks. So, check whether the extensions are legal and the caution warnings while clicking on links to download or play. More information check ksweekly.