PUBG Mobile Beta 0.12.0 Update Download New Weapons, Features, New Zombie Mod, And More


We all know that PUBG is always updated with all new features and excite their players. Recently the PUBG Beta has come in to picture with all new and amazing features. The developers have not settled and they released PUBG Beta 0.12.0 Update for download. This has more advanced weapons, look of the maps and game. So, here we will see the PUBG Beta 0.12 update with all new weapons, Features and new zombie mode and many more.

PUBG Beta 0.12.0 Update 

The new latest version is released globally and brought two new weapons and different modes for players. These are very powerful and are available in the new zombie mode. The friend Spectate is the interesting update in PUBG Beta 0.12.0 version. We will see the new updates of this below here

PUBG Beta 0.12.0 Update
PUBG Beta 0.12.0 Update


The two new weapons are RPG-7 and an explosive crossbow. RPG-7 comes with the rocket launcher and the bolt explodes when it hits the target. The explosive bolt may blast when it hits wall and vehicle also. These new weapons may only be in Zombie mode.

Friendly Spectate

This is the best feature that makes it differ from other updates. Using this you can spectate your friends playing with you. We can also find your friends with strategy information. You can also see the number of spectators watching you in the game.

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Zombie mode:

We can find a new zombie mode in PUBG Beta 0.12 update with the weapons available in there. The description says to collect “supplies in the day and fed zombie in the night”. This means the player should survive zombie mode till they are escaped from the place.

Quick Chat:

The new PUBG Beta update ha the quick chat option where you can chat with your friends easily and also send eight quick audio chat fast.

PUBG Beta 0.12 Update Download

The PUBG Beat Update is also testing the ‘Companion’ feature. This includes an eagle sitting on the character’s shoulder during the battle. The eagle can go around and it has its own tasks to complete. The PUBG Beta 0.12 will also give the changes in the costumes like crosshair color to select from the different 9 options. The red dot, Holographic, 2X and 3X scopes may have either red or green crosshair.

These are upcoming updates in the PUBG Beta 0.12. These are the few latest features in Beta update PUBG Mobile. They may also add a few more features to make the game more interesting and entertain. For updates on technology and information check ksweekly.