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Purnima Fasting 2019: Purnima also called as Poornima or Pournami, it is the full moon day. Purnima is considered auspicious by the Hindus. Every year Purnima comes on different dates and has a specific name for each date. Purnima is celebrated on every month when the moon is full. Check out Purnima 2019 Dates and Times.

Purnima 2017 Pooja
Purnima 2019 Pooja

On the Purnima day, devotees perform Vrat and fasting. Devotees pray to lord Vishnu and fast throughout the day. Mostly people perform Shri Satyanarayan Puja and Pournami Vratham on the same day depending on the starting time of Purnima Tithi on the previous day.

Purnima Fasting 2019 Dates

The Purnima fasting starts on the early morning of Purnima/Pournami day and ends during the full moon rise in the evening. People take early baths before the sunrise and perform pooja to Lord Vishnu. They will fast after the completion the pooja and end the fasting after the full moon rises in the evening. Check the timings of Purnima days occur in each month in the below table.

Purnima 2017 Vrat
Purnima 2019 Vrat

The conditions for Purnima Vrat abstaining from eating rice, cereal based dishes and all the food which includes salt. Some people restrict themselves without drinking a sip of water. People who cannot control their appetite allowed to consume fruits and milk. People believe that by doing the Purnima Vrat, Lord Vishnu will bless them with Prosperity and Happiness.

Purnima 2019 Dates and Time

Paush Purnima Date: 21st January 2019 (Monday)
Purnima Time: Starts at 2:19 PM on 20th January 2019 and ends at 10:45 AM on 21st January 2019

Magha Purnima Date: 19th February 2019 (Tuesday)
Purnima Time: Starts at 01:11 AM on 19th February 2019 and ends at 09:23 PM on 19th February 2019

Phalguna Purnima Date: 20th March 2019 (Wednesday)
Purnima Time: Starts at 10:44 AM on 19th March 2019 and ends at 07:12 AM on 20th March 2019

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Purnima 2019 Images

Chaitra Purnima Date: 19th April 2019 (Friday)
Purnima Time: Starts at 07:26 PM on 18th April 2019 and ends at 04:41 PM on 19th April 2019

Vaishakha Purnima Date: 18th May 2019 (Saturday)
Purnima Time: Starts at 04:10 AM on 18th May 2019 and ends at 02:41 AM on 18th May 2019

Jyeshtha Purnima Date: 17th June 2019 (Monday)
Purnima Time: Starts at 04:16 PM on 16th June 2016 and ends at 06:39 PM on 17th June 2016

Purnima 2019 Images Quotes

Ashadha Purnima Date: 16th July 2019 (Tuesday)
Purnima Time: Starts at 01:48 AM on 16th July 2019 and ends at 03:07 AM on 17th July 2019

Shravana Purnima Date: 15th August 2019 (Thursday)
Purnima Time: Starts at 03:45 PM on 14th August 2019 and ends at 05:59 PM on 15th August 2019

Bhadrapada Purnima Date: 13th September 2019 (Friday)
Purnima Time: Starts at 07:35 AM on 13th September 2019 and ends at 12:02 AM on 14th September 2019

Ashwin Purnima Date: 13th October 2019 (Sunday)
Purnima Time: Starts at 12:36 AM on 13th October 2019 and ends at 02:37 AM on 14thOctober 2019

Kartik Purnima Date: 12th November 2019 (Tuesday)
Purnima Time: Starts at 06:00 PM on 11th November 2019 and ends at 07:04 PM on 4 November 2019

Margashirsha Purnima Date: 11th December 2019 (Wednesday)
Purnima Time: Starts at 08:09 AM on 11th December 2019 and ends at 05:56 AM on 12th December 2019.

These are the dates and times of Purnima. It is an auspicious day, where people worship God Vishnu and offers prayers.