Brazil’s Bolsonaro About Environment –  In His Own Words


With the allegations on the policies of Brazil’s President, he has promised to fight with the fires increasing in the Amazon. But he is not supporting the back protections for the rainforest.

Facing all the protests and criticism about the fires raging across Brazil, the president Jair Bolsorano of Brazil has given a pledge on television on Friday. He said that he would take a “Zero Tolerance” approach to environmental crimes.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro About Environment 

But the track record of the president in safeguarding his country environment is always odds to the words. Since he came to power, he worked restlessly and unapologetically to override enforcement of Brazil’s once-strict environmental protections.

Brazil’s Amazon Fires

President Mr.Bolsonaro has allowed the industries that want greater access to the protected areas of the Amazon. It has sought to weaken the land rights of Indigenous people and increased the rate of illegal logging, ranching, and mining.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Words On Environment

But the last week range of fires in Amazon has made a wave of international outrage, with politicians, celebrities, and protestors rising. It became a world call to protect the Amazon form these deforestations, and illegal activates. It all combining and causing a significant loss to the lungs of the Earth.

All these things made clear that Brazil is in a significant loss if Mr. Bolsonaro did not take action to protect the forest. European leaders stated that they would withdraw the trade deal struck in June and calls to boycott all the Amazon products.

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro said that he would gather South American Countries that share the Amazon Rainforest to discuss its protection and development. For complete information on this, you can check Brazil’s President on Environment in his own words.

The President is int4ernationaaly pushed back that he was responsible for weakening environmental safeguards in Brazil. All these have lead farmers, developers, and other settings fires to clear land more aggressively this year in Amazon.

Brazil’s President On The Environment

The meeting with regional neighbors except Venezuela will be on September 6 in Leticia, Colombia. The goal is to come up with our unified strategy for preserving the environment.

The Brazilian President announced after a joint meeting with Chilean President Sebastian Pinera in Brasilia. He said that the environmental challenges must meet while respecting national sovereignty. Every country must have control over the usage of rational and sustainable natural resources.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro

Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo stated his country supported Bolsonaro in his dispute with Marcon. He also said that Brazil is fighting forest fires like never before and people should care environment.

Vice President Hamilton Mourao also came out against the international criticism over the Amazon fires. According to recent figures, there are 1,044 new fires started on Monday and Tuesday that brings the total this year of 83,329. More than half of fires taken place in the Amazon basin. For more information on reason and causes of fires, check Amazon Fires at a record rate.

Increase of Amazon FIres 

In between 2004 to 2012 the deforestation fell dramatically, but in recent years it is increasing. The dominant agricultural lobby in the Brazil Congress has been pushing for more development of the forest.

Forest fires are a yearly occurrence in the Amazon region about 60% of which lies in Brazil. But experts and campaigners blame the scale of this year’s blaze on the green light. They believe that Bolsonaro has given a chance to those who wish to destroy the rainforest.

Bolsoanro has won the elections with his anti-environment and anti-human rights. On taking up the office, he transformed these word into deeds are words of Silva. He oversaw a significant reduction in deforestation while ministering from 2003 to 2008.

During the first few months of Bolsonaroo’s presidency, the rate of rainforest destruction remained stable. But it became more in May and June is the words from INPE. There has been a 49% growth of recorded fire outbreaks since the last August.


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