San Francisco Got Threaded By Trump For Environmental Violation For Homeless


San Franciso Environmental Violation: The United States President Trump announced that San Fransico is violating Environmental rules which he observed returning abroad from California. He said they are crossing rules and he has found the used needles in the oceans. It should be considered as a serious problem as we cannot see our cities draining.

Trump is going to give the city a notice about the Environmental Protection Agency in a week. The problem of homelessness in San Francisco is the reason for damage in the environment.

The city is in complete violation of environmental rules as they have ended up draining used needles in the ocean. President also ordered them to take immediate precautions to reduce damage. He also mentioned that waste is following into oceans, and needles are the worst part.

San Francisco Environmental Violation For Homeless

London Breed, Mayor of San Francisco, commented that Trump words are meaningless and they have the best sewer system. San Francisco drain system cleans all the waste before they enter storm drains and filtered using Wastewater treatment plants in city outskirts.

Considering the homelessness problem, they are planning to build a thousand shelters in the coming year. They are assigning $600 million in bonds for economical houses and increase services for drug addiction and mental illness. They are trying to figure out the solutions with state and federal partners. Also, go through details of Elizabeth Warren Stayed Out Of The Medicare-for-all fray

The San Francisco city has about eight thousand people who are homeless according to a survey in January, which is an increase of 17 per cent of 2017 count. It has a great problem with human waste and needles, especially in Tenderloin district, which has much homeless.

San Francisco Environmental Violation
Trump Warned San Francisco For Environmental Violation

They have built public toilets and special team name poop patrol with six persons in each to clean human waste. The health department is planning to give 400,000 clean syringes per month to reduce HIV and passable infections that occur due to sharing needles.

  Total Violation Due To Homeless

Trump is angry about violating environmental rules in San Francisco and Los Angeles and with 59,000 homeless people. The people on the streets are the main problem for environmental damage. Environmental Violation of San Francisco mentioned by Trump.

Gavin Newson, governor of California, announced that government is trying to improve the support for the homeless. He asked Trump administration to give more 50,000 rental subsidy coupons and increase the value of them to bear higher rent.

The Environmental Protection Agency is not clear with regulations and commands that it would demand these cities for violation.  Every month Tens Thousands of used needles collected from San Francisco Streets.

The public health department has deposed about 164,264 needles through both disposal and street cleanups programs. There is also an increase in the use of Heroin drug in the streets according to police.

It was all due to the homelessness problem and increased in this rate will automatically raise human waste among streets. The problem is not decreasing though there is an increase in mobile toilets.


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