WhatsApp App 2019 Latest Features Include Dark Mode, Fingerprint Authentication And Look Out Chat Platform


A few weeks back WhatsApp Messenger has hosted the latest features. With the help of these features, users can change the way of chatting with each other. The users are very excited about updated features in the WhatsApp app. Some of the advanced features of this application are dark mode and fingerprint authentication.

WhatsApp App 2019 Latest Features

According to the Beta updates for WhatsApp, the dark mode feature is finally visible on the app. All Android and iOS Smartphone users can easily use these features. As well dark mode option has been tested in the application settings and profile section of the application. The dark mode feature is being tested on WhatsApp application for iPhone also. Android users will also get an extra feature. That is the fingerprint sensor.

WhatsApp Updated Features
WhatsApp Updated Features

Updated Features Of WhatsApp 2019

Most popular WhatsApp Messaging application includes dark mode and fingerprint authentication. In addition to that, the application is working with more features. Here we are listing new and upcoming features on App.

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Dark Mode: One of the advanced features of WhatsApp Messaging app. It is scheduled to hit the application this year. By using this dark mode feature user will be able to reduce the strain on their eyes. Furthermore, it improves battery life for devices with OLED screens. Dark mode is now available in the app and you can use it on your device.

whatsApp Dark Mode
Whatsapp Dark Mode

Fingerprint Authentication: A privacy protection for the messaging application. It is very important for users to protect their chat with others. Therefore, they released a fingerprint sensor feature and is readily available in the application. Once, the user can add the fingerprint then they need to identify every time. So, that user’s personal chat will be very safe and secure. If anytime authentication will fail then you can use your phone passcode also. This feature is first started to test in iOS and then in an Android device.

WhatsApp App Latest Features
WhatsApp App Latest Features

WhatsApp App 2019 Include Dark Mode, Fingerprint 

Picture-in-Picture background play: One of the upcoming features of the WhatsApp App. It allows the user to play YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook within the application. Due to some problems, some of the limitations will have so that users cannot watch. Moreover, WhatsApp app is working with the upcoming updates. This is used for the videos to play even with the application is closed.


In this article, we included the latest features of WhatsApp application. These updated features very helpful for the users. By using these highlights you can secure your chat data and you can dark mode also. For more information, you can check in Ksweekly.