Franco’s Exhumation Accepted By Spain’s Supreme Court Unanimously


Francos Exhumation court result announced on Tuesday Morning, and it accepted for the digging process unanimously. It is an underground basilica by Francisco Franco after winning the country’s civil war.

It is a one-year-long case between the Francisco family and Pedro Sanchez prime minister. The family members can approach the Spanish constitutional court, but they need to prove that the Supreme Court decision has broken the fundamental rights of the constitution.

Though the Francisco family is planning to visit the court, the prime minister can start digging before November 10th. As Mr. Sanchez has not gained enough votes to enter parliament from smaller parties, there is a repeat of elections. It is the fourth time of national elections in four years, also in the same month.

Francos Exhumation Accepted By Spain’s Supreme Court 

The Francisco Franco buried site is known as Valley of the Fallen located outside Madrid. It is also a graveyard of many republicans in the civil war which Franco used as labor for building monuments

The POSE priority is to dig Francisco body form the tomb from the last June. The decision was opposed by the family and followers strongly, and the Exhumation is stopped just a few days by the Supreme Court.

It has been three months to announce the case of removing the body from the tomb. The result came in favor of the Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party. It is a very important monument for Francisco family members. It built by republicans and politicians who captured and a grave containing about 30, 0000 people who fought in civil war both sides. Among all these, only Francisco and Jose Antonio Primo de Rivers graves have given importance.

Franco’s Exhumation
Franco buried in the valley of the Fallen

The family is insisting if the Franco is taken out, then it should reinter in a family stone chamber in Almundena cathedral in the center of the capital. The government is suggesting reinterring body next to his wife in Mingorrubio-El Pardo municipal cemetery which is near Madrid.

However, the government did not agree with the family and said that the former dictator could not place where he could glorify, and there are issues with cathedral security. Also, check the details of San Francisco Got Threaded By Trump For Environmental Violation For Homeless

Spain’s Supreme Court Acceptenace for Exhumation

The prime minister wants Franco’s Exhumation to bring back a law of 2007, which is past socialist government. It is disposed of state funding of conservative government by Marino Rajoy. The main objective of the law of historical memory is to support the opening of 2000 graves and identify remains inside. Most of them have died during the civil war of 1930, which lasted for three years.

Franco is a young general at the age of 33 and won the civil war in 1939.  With the help of Nazi Germany and Mussonlini’s Itlay. He ruled Italy in his control until his death in 1975 and declared himself as the head of the state.

The present Prime Minister Mr. Sanchez is thinking voters will support socialist strongly in reelections and some small parties will not support him. He is not confident about success but disappoints when voters who can drag do-over elections may lead to a similar stage of 2016. It is where Spain is under a caretaker of conservative government for ten months. If Franco’s Exhumation is before the elections the politicians of Spain are already in discussion of reburial site.


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