Every One Joins Global Climate Strike With Line: There Is No Planet B


Global climate strike accomplished by youth from schools in cities of the Asian Pacific region. The protest is to bring implementations to protect the environment and take care of climatic changes.  Global warming is increasing the sea levels, which are not at all a good sign. So, the protestors gathered on the streets to call the government to take steps that prevent the global climate changing.

The Global climate strike is with there is no planet B which means we need to take care of conditions. We cannot go to another planet for living. Trade unions are also supporting the global strike. It is going to be the most significant global climate strike.

Global Climate Strike
Students Protesting Climatic Strike

The first strike for increasing temperatures started last year by school students. They demanded immediate actions against reasons for climate changes for their future. The kids asked the adults to join the protest next time and global strike planned on September 20th.  The attack is on Friday where many people are on streets to protest in all continents except Antarctica. This time there is involvement of adults, unions at 4,500 exhibits in 130 countries.

Tens Thousands Participating in Strike Globally

The strike in Australia will focus on no carbon emission by 2030, which is one of the largest natural gas and coal exporters. In Sydney, about two thousand companies have given their employees off to participate in the protest. There is No Planet B in climate strike from the protestors is the main placard used in the rally.

Students in different countries are protesting in their way with placards, slogans and different attires that represent the global warning and protection. In the Solomon Islands has the traditional dress of grass with a wooden shield in their hands.

People are participating in Global Climate strike with their lives in risks situations. Two hundred members in Bangkok have marched just above 1.5 meters of sea level to Ministry of Environmental to submit their letter for environment protection. Hundreds of thousands are joining the climatic strike on this Friday.

Climatic Strike Global
Climate Strike There is No Planet B

The protest is conducted globally with initiation is mostly by the students of the countries. Rally will start in New York City by Thunberg. He is one of the nominations for Nobel Prize for his participation in climatic change and environment protection. The march will lead to the United Nations headquarters location.

The protest is to send messages to all politicians to implement rules fop ht environment protection and decrease global warming. If this continues, then there is no future for the planet, and we don’t have another.  The city San Francisco Got Threaded By Trump For Environmental Violation throwing used needles in oceans.

Why Global Climate Strike 

We can see many changes in the climate every day. If the precautions are not activated, then we need to face extreme conditions and cannot do anything. It is time for everyone to participate in the Global Climate Strike and help the planet before it is too late to handle things.

All the people from rich to poor should join the strike as we all live on the same planet. It is responsible for everyone to take care of the climatic changes. We can see our forest burning, ice glaciers melting and increasing temperatures.

The global strike is a great opportunity where we can change the society thinking and pressure the government in considering the condition seriously. We are also seeing the extension of many species on the planet which will include humans in future.

The strike for the farmers whose fields are turning into deserts and for the one is not responsible effects first. Our beautiful planet islands are sinking because of global warming, which is the effect of carbon emission.

Global climate strike is for the future generation who questions the adults about what they are going to leave for them. Children in New Delhi have irreversible lung damage because of breathing. Participate in the strike if you want to save your children and give them good health and resources for their living.


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