Protecting Internet From Government Censorship For Future Of Global Trade


Global Trade will affect the financial status of the Country, which may increase or decrease. Public attention is more on manufacturing as the popular countries are diving their traffics in the field. The global trade has been shrinking while the trade-in servicing is showing growth.

These days the internet is everywhere, and it will show the effect on the future of the Global trade. The economy of the country in the future will depend upon the exchange of knowledge and Intellectual property while it is the reason for the growth of service trade globally. It will make commercial services sold through the internet central to any new U.S trade agreements.

Protecting Internet From Government Censorship

Chris Cox has different careers in the public sector shares the problematic subject of Internet freedom. He stated that it is under attack, so, it is needed to protect the internet as a fundamental priority for future trade.

He is a former chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security and Chairman for Select committee on U.S National Security. Chris says that Today America is the leading exporter and Importer of these internet trade services. The market place outside has few barriers for competition.

The services via the internet are exposed to many obstacles to trade in manufacturing good from geographic distance to national borders. Adding to, the government has no time to stand straight to globally regulatory barriers that created over many years before the internet.

Every day new digital services are coming and taking the place of traditional commence. The sectors like telecommunication and information along with physical goods and services like movies, music, and book, knowledge seminars are available in the digital format.

Protecting The Internet For Trade

With the increase of Internet and national regulators unable to keep up the global trade has increased relatively more with the barrier-less environment. As American current trade advantage centered on the competitive sector with the lowest barriers entry. So every other nation will have the opportunity to gain share.

Maintaining the level should be the priority of every member of the World Trade Organization. The transmission of information is by the internet that drives all global trades quickly without any border and cost-free. So, the protection of the internet should be the front and center in new trade agreements.

But this is not easy as it appears some nations will object this trade agreement. As few of worlds’ trading nations view their citizen’s commercial activities on the internet as an opportunity for state surveillance.  Internet traffic is always strictly observed, and WTO members block about dozen of sites.

Taking this level of control requires censorship and outright for blocking the sites. It is not possible without interfering directly into internet commerce. So, the WTO uses the bedrock principle for globally trading system that treats foreigners and local on an equal basis.

Protecting The Internet Is Key Global Trade

The foreign internet services in America will have the same treatment of locals, and if they find anything different, they will be blocked. The method may violate the market access commitments that are mad every trade agreement but a worthy on to take.

Until now, the better path is to have a mutual expectation about internet freedom in two or regional trade agreement. As motivations for user, censorship and content block is different for every nation. So, discussing these Global Trade topics separately with everyone will give an excellent opportunity for good competitive results.

Global Trade
Global Trade


The U.S trade agreements will follow the example of U.S-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which is signed by all the three countries.  The trade government of U.S policy in federal Law has encouraged user content on the Internet. America decides to maximize user control over what information individuals receive who use the internet. It established the rules in countries around the world. The trade agreement and policy is good for the U.S and others also.

Having the approval of policies in a trade agreement with countries unlike Mexico and Canada depend upon government supervision and control. Controlling the user-created content on the internet will always be difficult. But facing the problem patiently and increment in the new trade agreement will reduce the overall threat to the global trading system.


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