Google Map About To Get AR – Directions Upgraded


Google Map is a web mapping service developed by Google which launched on 8th February 2005. The mapping services have written in c++, javaScript, XML, and Ajax. The Map offers satellite emergency, street maps, 360-degree panoramic views of the street, traffic conditions, and many more things.

The Google Map helps today’s generation people very much through the Map, and people can easily search for their unknown locations. And reach here without any trouble. It is one of the best inventions by Google.

Google Map About To Get AR

Through the Map, people also find out many roots for one location. Traffic wise the Map shows the origins. The map also shows the planning for travel by foot, car, bicycle, and air, etc. Also, the map shows the resultant, school, hotels, etc. which present nearby you.

Google Map AR Directions

One of the live saver application doesn’t have any idea about roots. Now in every Android and IOS phone, the Google map is available. People can also download this application form the Google play store.

For android and IOS phones, the Map released on September 2008 with its latest features. The features are GPS, turn navigation with parking assistance features. After five years in 2013, the Google Map becomes the most popular application for smartphone users.

Get AR – Directions Upgraded In Google Map

The GPS did excellent work for today’s generation. Most of the time, people do not know about some locations. Through GPS, they can find the root of the areas. Also, the GPS tracker helps to find out other people.

After having all these features, it still has some quirks. Not every time the Google Map shows the exact location or root. Sometimes it shows the source which is not walkable.  For solving this problem, Google upgrades the AI-direction in Map application.

If people want to check this feature before launching in the nonpixel phone, then they can do this by any pixel phone. But reaching to the destination, Map asks for scan any building which presents nearby you. Then you have to put the destination location. After scan all the places, the Google Map show the exact root to the people.

Sometimes the map is showing the wrong root or an engaging root. For solving this problem, Google will launch the upgrade version of Ai- direction. Through this, the Map display the exact root with no traffic roots to the people.

Google Map AR – Directions Upgraded

This latest feature was first introduced by Google I/O and pixel phone in 2018.  After one year in 2019, this new feature will launch in a non-pixel smartphone. After this, all smartphone users can take advantages of these features.

To access the latest features of Map, people have to enter the destination on the map. After locating the current location of your, the Google Map will show the transportation mode to walking. Also, people can see the start live option on the screen.

After analyzing the feature, Google said that the map shows the years of street view data. Through this, people can get an idea about the location. And can easily find out their destination place.

New Features in Google Map

Through this upgrade AI-Direction by Google, people can easily search for their exact location. And the map showing the site with no issues. People can scan the current location, and after putting the destination, the screen will show the direction and distance.

The best inventions by Google is this AR. Through this, many people are solving their location problem.  The Map always helps the people to find out the school, restaurant, etc. which present nearby you.

Also, the Map shows the traveling modes like a car, bicycle, bus, and air transportation. Through this, people can analyze the time and distance. And also can check the traffic through the Map.

In 2019, the upgrade AI-direction version will be available in Google Map. People can download the app through the play store.


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