Micro Harvest Moon Is Coming And Here are How, When And Where You Can See It This Week


Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the autumn equinox in the Northern hemisphere. Depending upon where you are on the planet autumn full moon comes on September 24th or 25th this year.

The fall is an extraordinary time for every sky gazers. The Micro Harvest moon comes on September 13th Friday night for the most of North America and September 14th for the rest of the world.

Iconic constellation like Perseus rises early evening and sparks Pleiades cluster just the summer triangle gradually sinks in the western sky. One of the key sights at this wonderful time of year is Harvest Moon.

Harvest Moon

The new moon supermom is in later this month, so there is no surprise that this next full moon in the middle of the month is also unique. It is called the Micro Harvest moon.

The southern hemisphere has the Harvest moon in March or early April. The full autumn moons have unique characteristics which are related to the time of moonrise. You can see the full-looking moons near the horizon after sunset for several evenings in a row, around the time of the Harvest moon.

What is Micro Harvest Moon

We all know the super moon, which is a full moon that appears larger than the normal. It is because the moon is relatively close to the earth. The moon has an elliptical orbit. So, once in every 29 days journey around the planet, the close it gets we see the supermoon, and once it’s farthest, you will get a micro moon.

A micro moon looks smaller than the usual and less bright than the average. It has more light transfers and appears brighter in the sky.  The experience of watching the Harvest moon close to the horizon will always make a difference. It will give you the Majestic experience of watching the moon. Also, check details about Hurricane Dorian is just days away from striking Florida

Why it is called Harvest moon

It occurs in September that coincides with the harvesting times. At this period there will be a lot of work in crops in the northern hemisphere. Since the full moon occurs when the earth is roughly between the sun and moon, it completely illuminated. So, it is all about the timing of the full moon occur, and the crops were harvesting.

The moon rises around the sunset and sets around the sunrise, and that makes it shine all night. So, the farmers get the complete for shine all night long they can carry their harvesting work for a lot of time.

The term harvest moon is the bright moon that occurs closest to the autumn. When there is no electricity in before days, the farmers depend upon the moonlight to harvest their crops late in the night. So, the moonlight is particularly important during fall, when harvests are the largest.

Where And When to see the Harvest Moon

The moon reaches to its complete illumination at the same global time of 4:33 A.M UTC which is at 5:33 BST A.M or 12:33 A.M on Saturday, September 14th and 9:33 P.M PDT on Friday, September 13th, 2019. However, these are not the best times for you to watch the moon.

The best timing is looking to the east at moonrise on Friday or by looking west at moonset early on Saturday morning. So, you can check the local moon rises and sets at your place and watch. Check here of your local Fullmoon which is Micro Harvest moon timings in different places in the sky.

Friday evening is the best time to see a full moon this month which is called the Harvest moon. The Thursday and Saturday will also give their best, and even the Wednesday and Sundays are the last option as the harvest Moon rises only around 20 minutes later each night. Mostly the moon rises around 50 minutes later at the regular days.


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