HTC Vive Cosmos VR Price, Release Date, And First Hands-On


HTC Vive Cosmos VR released after near yers of tests. They are planning to release it from starting October 3, HTC will begin to seek the full system for $699 . It is going to take the place of old HTC Vive Lighthouse tracking house boxes in favour of built-in, “inside-out” tracking cameras.

Based on a technical level, Vice Cosmos introduces a new VR lenses. Which take one step forward,  one step backwards moves compared to the same lenses in the HTC Vive Pro. Cosmos has a slightly increased combined resolution for both eyes, up to 2,880 x 1,7000. HTC reps insist that new panel additionally beefs up the subpixel resolution to reduce the inherent screen door effect seen in older VR headsets.

HTC Vive Cosmos
HTC Vive Cosmos with inside out tracking

To overcome the older Vive systems reliance on lighthouse tacking boxes, HTC opted for a whopping six cameras array. Four sensors scan ahead, above, and below and on the front face while there are sensors flanks the headset’s left and right sides.

HTC Vive Cosmos VR Price, Release Date, And First Hands-On

The Cosmos dumps HTC’s usual OLED panels in favour of fast switching LCD’s is the shift seen in a range of VR headsets over the past year. The Cosmos LCD’s take advantage of boosted subpixel resolution without ghosting. They can run at the VR industry’s standard refresh rate of 90Hz.

The Beat Saber is an excellent measure of normal VR hand movement for a couple of reasons. It does not require waving hands behind head, but it still demands a mix of wild gesture and rapid change. To beat its rhythm-matching levels the complete information about the HTC Vive Cosmos VR first practical test. 

HTC Vive Cosmos is offering a sword-swinging, that aks to wave heads ahead of to parry and strike foes. The motion is decidedly less intense than what required from Beat Saber song. For one, something about the Vive Cosmo’s tracking array kept losing my hands. It is acceptable but noticeable split seconds regularly.

HTC Vive Cosmos finally seems to replace the old Vive wand controllers with a controller comparable to Oculus Touch, and that is good news. It feels sturdy in hand offers a nice array of joysticks, buttons, and triggers.

HTC Vive Cosmos VR Price, Release Date

The Vive Cosmos has comfortable in mind and first Vive Cosmos add-on faceplate option coming in the early’s 2020. It adds a constellation of trackable dots for the sake fo older HTC Vive lighthouse tracking boxes.

The HTC has other existing Vive hardware for Cosmos, particularly for the Vive Wireless Adapter. An attach kit will come soon available in the market to adapt the existing Vivewireless Adapters to work with Vive Cosmos, but no release date or price for that yet offered.

The revamped Vive Reality software suite introduced in Cosmos demo. We can think it like an another VR home where we can connect, much like SteamVR Home. HTC’s new take neatly serves and advertises a range of games and apps as served by the Viveport subscription service.

It will not take much to surpass the game-shuffling interface built into SteamVR. So, HTC deserves props cleaning this up with big, clear icons and simple controls to flip through so much software. All Vive systems depend on SteamVR as a launching hook for their games and software. Also, check information about Artificial Intelligence Can Improve All the HealthCare Of its Users

Oculus Rift S is currently a much snappier system in terms of reliable inside-out tracking. Valve index does not cost that much more to blow Cosmos away in terms of LCD panel performance and FOV boosts.

There is a plan for the Cosmos review in the next month. They are hoping the best that robust tests and last-minute tweaks will reveal that HTC has some secret sauce packed into the depths of its cosmos.


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