Hurricane Dorian is just days away from striking Florida, And it gets ready for Strike


Hurricane Dorian is just a few days away from striking the landfall, and it will be a monster. The Florida state is getting ready and taking measures to protect from the strongest Hurricane. It is going to hit the shore of Florida, and the forecasts are warning it is getting stronger. Hurricane may grow into a monster storm by landfall and can cause damage to Florida.

Dorian is moving across Atlantic as a category two storm early Friday with stable winds of 105mph. It also forecasted that it would strength to a category three storm before heading to the Bahamas on Sunday.

The Dorian will enter the mainland United States on Monday evening into Tuesday morning. It predicted that it might turn into Category 4 hurricane when it hits the land.

Hurricane Dorian Is Just Days Away From Striking Florida

As the Hurricane Dorian has minimal effect on Puerto Rico, the agency is shifting staff from the island to Florida in preparation. It is the strongest storm till the date of this year Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Hurricane Dorian

The meteorologist says that there is a full uncertainty cone of the storm, especially since it was days from landfall on Florida. It is extending from Key West up to around Jacksonville, A distance of 500 miles. Florida is taking measures from storm Hurricane, which is going to be reliable.

Everyone is responding to save the Florida state, which will get the worst experience of the Hurricane. They are taking measures to prevent the loss to an extent. It is intensifying as heading its way to the United States.

The President of the United States cancels the trip to Poland to focus on Hurricane Dorain. It the storm reaches Florida then it will be the fourth year in a row that a hurricane of any strength has hit the state. That also be the most years in a row after the storms in the 1940s.

 Dorian Is Just Days Away From Striking Florida

If it reaches state Florida as category four storm, with sustained winds of 130mph. Then it would be the strongest hurricane to strike Florida’s east coast since Hurricane Andrew 1992.

DeSantis has declared the state of emergency for all 67 Florida counties. The state has 819,000 gallons of water and 1.8 million meals for distribution. If you are around east Florida, then you should have the water and food for about seven days.

The residents are stocking up on gas and food for the stormy weekend, and officials are compulsory those in the state to prepared. The West Palm Beach Major Keith James says Get Water, Gas and Cash out of ATM’s.

With Hurricane scheduled to arrive in time for Labour Day weekend, significant airlines offer waivers for flights to Florida, Georgia, and the Caribbean. And the tourist areas were emptying Thursday as per the reports.

The Dorian expected to Landfall on Labour Day on which grand celebration is taken part at beaches. The Florida state is continuously taking measures to arrange food and water to the people.

Florida Taking Measures from Hurricane

Usually, we get Hundreds of visitors every day, and it’s been one of those days that drive everyone away. It’s a beautiful day, but the hurricane is going to kill it. These are the word of a restaurant owner in Cocoa Beach restaurant.

To avoid damage from Dorian, the United States Navy is moving more than 40 planes from Jacksonville to bases in Michigan, Ohio, and Texas. The US Air force is moving 16 aircraft from MacDill Force Base near Tampa to McConnell Air Force Base near Wichita.

Florida State University planned to play its season-opening game off-campus in Jacksonville near the Atlantic Coast. As the Dorian is approaching the game is moved to farther inland to FSU’s standard home field in Tallahassee. Also, check the Comcast Internet Plan to all low-income citizens with fewer charge fairs.


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