Japan Escalates Strike With South Korea off Trusted Whitelist As Rift deepens


Japan With South Korea: Japan has made a white list for its county’s security purpose, Where 27 countries included. But Korea is not there. In between Japan and Korea, they have been several controversies over the years.  From 15th centuries to today, both countries characterized by some many things. Like their economic trade, political contact, cultural exchanges, and military confrontations.

Imperial Japanese Government ruled on Korea with the Japan and Korea Treaty of 1910. In 1945 the Japanese surrendered their instrument which ended the second world war. From world war – II, Korea separated from Japan.

Japan Strike With South Korea

Korea straightly refused to Japan for open diplomatic relationships until 1965. The relationship between these two countries was not right in the past years. After 1965, the trade links expanded in between Japan and Korea dramatically.



Korea is in two parts, one in South Korea, and another is North Korea. Today the relationship between Japan and South Korea is developed. Now both are major trading partners. Many students, business peoples, entertainers, etc. are traveling between the two countries.

Whereas the political and economic relationship between Japan and North Korea not developed. For Qing Chinese suzerainty, Japan cut off Korea. For this reason, in the 19th century, the war between Japan and Korea happened.

After the diplomatic relationship between Japan and Korea, the Japanese Government and many Japanese cabinet members have not apologized to Korea. So, in 2012, Korea announced that Japan must apologize for Japan’s colonial rule over Korea.

Japan Escalates Strike With South Korea 

In 1998, Japanese prime minister issued apologies. Korea accepted the apologies and passed a statement about the misunderstanding between Japan and Korea.

Now the relationship between Japan and Korea is not good because Japan has removed South Korea from the list of trusted trade partners. It deepens a bitter row in between the two countries.

The list is called “white list,” which puts new trading conditions on the country. After the file is published, the South Korean president criticized Japan for its selfish act. The list might be risks to the global electronics sector.

The argument between Japan and Korea is rapidly increasing, which has turned like a fire between the two countries, which creates diplomatic tensions over remuneration for wartime labor.

 Trusted Export WhiteList

After taking the criticize, Japan said that the list prepared for national security purpose. And it also made to address Seoul’s insufficient export controls.

After publishing the white list, the prime minister of South Korea, Mr. Moon criticized Japan on cabinet meeting. The cabinet meeting telecasted on Television. Also, he said, after the white list, the world economy will face tremendous damage.

All the things which happen in the world economy, Japan will only be responsible for it. And also the Korean president said, Japan is an economic powerhouse. So it doesn’t face any big financial crises.

But if Japan will damage Korea’s economy, then Korea has countermeasures to implement in kind, said Mr. Moon.

All the ruling democratic party from South Korea described the moves Which are an all-out declaration of economic war. For all these reasons, the relationship between Japan and Korea is again destroying.

Japan With South Korea off Trusted Whitelist As Rift deepens

Japanese Government removed Seoul from the white list.  So if Japan exports something from Korea, must apply for the clearance. So, after getting permission to export, Japan exports a wide range of goods to Korea.

In this white list, Japan has included Germany, the UK, and the US  with 27 other nations.  But, Korea is the first country, who listed out form Japan’s trusted trading partner’s list.

One month after Japan tightened the rules on the export materials. After the restrictions on export products, it needed to make display panels and memory chips. All these changes saw on the economy.

The diplomatic relationship between Japan and Korea made in 1965. After the announcement of the white list, the association is broke, which affects the world economy very soon.


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