NCAA Football 2019 Season College Football Playoff Title Contenders


NCAA Football 2019 Season is around and will start on 25th August in this year. The Association also announces the Schedule for the games. On this day everyone is equal and every team as the chance to go Playoffs for Title contenders. As the teams set and also the matches let us have a look on the Top Colleges that can trace to Playoff for NCAA Football Championship.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is regulating the student’s athletes from 1,268 North American Institutions and conferences. It also takes care of athletic programs of many colleges and universities every year. The NCAA Football is also a part which conducted every year.

NCAA Football 2019 Season 

NCAA Football

So, based on the past five years NCAA Football championships here are the conclusions that can take the trophy to home. These are drawn based upon the team members and their records.  We will eliminate the group of five schools so that we will leave with the real contenders for NCCA Football.

Every year out of the sixty-five teams, there are never more than ten teams that make the place in the race of real contenders. It involves different factors to reach that place in NCAA Football. The most one is team should have Talent. They should complete the schedule without any health issues. We are just trying to predict the top teams that can make to the final table. We have divided them depending upon the talent in the group.

Alabama and Clemson will make their place in the top table list. Until now there is no NCAA Football league without these teams in the last four years. These two teams have played a match in CFP for four times. The Clemson’s wins the CFP national championship even in the previous year.

These both teams are waiting for the trophy this year, and the Alabama path may be difficult than Clemson. But we have a lot in the store this year to watch who will make their way more comfortable to reach the trophy.

Top College Football Playoff Contenders For NCAA Football

Georgia, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Oklahoma are also a tough challenge to compete. Among them, Ohio State has won the championship in the year 2014. Oklahoma has reached the playoff two years continuously. Where Georgia lost the game in overtime in 2017, and Notre Dame went through undefeated last year but lost the final.

The USC has a great history and powers but didn’t make their playoff appearance till date. The USC may not reach the final, but due to the traditional ability, it is still a pack of talent. It is Pac-12, which means it will win the conference.

NCAA Football 2019 College Football Playoff Title Contenders

Michigan, LSU, and Texas are the other three teams that have the talent to win the conference of 2019. Even they have made their respective championship. They need to complete different things to reach the top level.

Michigan should win over Ohio State for the first time since after 2011.  Then LSU has to beat Alabama which has not taken place from the last nine years. Texas has defeated Oklahoma quite a few times in a regular-season, but it should beat both Oklahoma and win other games.

Other teams like Aubrum, Florida are capable of winning the SEC this year. Though these are not the favorite teams, you should not be surprised if you see them playing Atlanta for finals in December.

As the five years of selection, the conference matter in the selection of teams. In that case, no conference can take better advantage of that more than SEC. So, Auburn and Florida may have a chance for playoffs.


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