Bali Volcano Eruption Latest Updates: Indonesia Raises Alert To The Highest Level


Bali Volcano Eruption Latest Updates: Bali Volcano is present in Indonesia. Indonesia raises the alert to the highest level for Mount Agung Volcano. Also, the officials have asked people to evacuate the places and move to the safer areas. The alert is regarding the eruption of Bali’s volcano. Volcanic eruptions with a large amount of ash can be seen. Due to the volcanic eruption, all the flights in the area took diversion as a large amount of ash is coming from the eruption of the volcano. A large number of flights have been cancelled due to the ash clouds.

Bali Volcano Eruption Latest Updates: Indonesia Raises Alert To The Highest Level

Here you can find all the latest updates regarding the Bali Volcanic Eruption. The volcanic warning is raised to the possible highest level of four. Nearly 40,000 people have evacuated from the areas which are near to Mount Agung. Also, some of the people who are present in the radius of 8 to 10 km did not evacuate. It seems they will evacuate the place only if it is dangerous. Further, the concerned authorities are looking at the situation and giving the latest news regarding the eruption. The tourists are also not allowed on the island.

Bali Volcano Eruption Latest Updates445 flights have been cancelled and also the closure of the airport may extend further. There are a total of 59,000 passengers in all the flights. Also, the images of the Mount Agung shows the volcanic eruption with ash clouds. The volcanic eruption could be much serious so it is better not to travel to Bali. All the people who are present in the areas around must be alert as the volcanic eruption could be high. The Bali Volcano eruption took place for the last time in 1963. Then, recently in September also Indonesia raised the alert to the level of three.

Indonesia Raises Alert To The Highest Level 

As per the latest news, the officials warn the people not to go near the areas of Mount Agung. Also, as per the airline officials, they will contact the passengers in the cancelled and make necessary arrangements for booking to the other flights and reach the destination. The Department of Meteorology, Climate and Geophysics are monitoring the volcanic eruption. All the latest news updates regarding the Bali Volcano eruption will be available here. Stay tuned for all the latest updates on Mount Agung Eruption.

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