RBI To Release New Rs 1 Note With Economic Affairs Secretary Signature


RBI To Release New Rupee One Note: After a long gap of 22 years new one rupee note has printed in 2017. For the first time, one rupee coins come into usage on 1950. First new one rupee coin had introduced on 8 July 2011, that new one rupee coin has the letters of Devanagari (Ra) and Latin (R) Language. After that, we have seen a lot of series like 2 Rs, 5 Rs and 10 Rs coins.

RBI To Release New Rs 1 Note With Economic Affairs Secretary Signature

Central Government of India printed new one rupee notes. It is not the responsibility of Reserve Bank of India to print one rupee note because one rupee note has always been issued by Central Government. After the demonetization effect, Central Government took the first participation on new one rupee notes. As we already know one rupee note was discontinued in 1994, but it was relaunched in 2015.


Interesting Things About New One Rupee Note

  • All the notes have the sign of RBI Governor at that time. Present these new one rupee notes have the sign of present RBI Governor Urjit Patel. Also, contains the signs of existing Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa and Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das.
  • New one rupee note comes with the combination of green and pink colors. Whereas old one rupee note has Indigo color. These currency notes are legal tender as provided in The Coinage Act 2011
  • The new one rupee note comes in a rectangular shape, and it also has a size of 9.7 x 6.3 cm. It is fully made up of 100 percent cotton rag content. The weight of the paper is 90 Grams per Square Meter and thickness is 110 Microns.
  • Also, The numbering comes in black color at the right-hand part of the note. Of course, the numerals contain in ascending order from left to right. Whereas the first three characters remain in constant size.
  • Meanwhile, All currencies have Reserve Bank of India words. Whereas new one rupee note contains Bharath sarkar words, below of these words Government of India words took place.
  • The new one rupee note also includes Ashoka Pillar. Previous notes have the words Satyameva Jayathe in Hindi. And it also contains hidden numeral one 1 in the center. It also comes with a hidden word Bharath in Hindi on right-hand side arranged vertically.
  • On the reverse, it surrounds with Sagar Samrat oil exploration platform picture and with the authentic rendering of value in fifteen Indian languages in language panel with the year figure shown on the center bottom in international number.
  • It is the third currency that has released after the release of new 2000 and 500 notes.

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