RGIA Airport Hyderabad Installs Waste Recycling Machines


RGIA Airport Installs Waste Recycling Machines: Rajiv Gandhi International airport is the first one to install Waste Recycling Machines. Wild West Media have provided two recycling machines as a pilot project. It will crush several plastic bags in an eco-friendly way. The installation of the machines took place to crush plastic PET (polyethene terephthalate) bottles, steel, aluminium cans and also plastic bags. It is a great idea to install Waste Recycling Machines.

RGIA Airport Installs Waste Recycling Machines 

Here are the details of the waste recycling Machines which are installed at Rajiv Gandhi international airport. The Passenger is Prime Programme is the airports signature to motivate and inspire people. these machines will crush a large number of plastic bags which contributes to the environment. The crushed waste material will be collected and then will be reused to prepare other materials. It is good to recycle the plastic material which is the initiative taken by the officials.

RGIA Airport Installs Waste Recycling Machines
RGIA Airport Installs Waste Recycling Machines

The other airports must also install recycling machines for waste which will help to protect the environment. In a statement of GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd. (GHIAL), says that passengers will have the option to either donate or obtain a discount coupon for submitting the plastic bags and other material in return. Further, it helps in contributing to being a cleaner India says SGK Kishore who is the CEO of GHIAL.

Hyderabad International Airport is the first to install Waste Recycling Machines

Also, the trained professionals will assist the people in using the machines. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is the first to have waste recycling machines. Also, it is one of the busiest airports which receives a large number of passengers daily. Let us hope the new initiative will bring change in the people about the plastic bags and the recycling.

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