Pinterest Hits 300 Million Users Monthly All Over The Global


Pinterest is a social media website and a mobile application. It works as a software system designed application. Which, enable the information discovered on the world wide web by using images, GIFs, and videos. The headquarters of Pinterest is in San Francisco, California.

The Pinterest application was founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarr, and Evan Sharp. In 2019, it has reached 291 million active users. This application is available in more than 27 languages. This company has a total of 1600 employees.

Pinterest Hits 300 Million Users Monthly 

Pinterest began its development in December 2009. After one year, the company has launched the application publically. Nine months after launching the website, it had only 10000 users. After launching the iPhone app, the website iPad app launched in August 2011.Pinterest



On  10th August 2011, in 50 best website of 2011 article, the Time magazine listed the website in it. In December 2011, this site became more popular as the largest social network services. While according to the report, per week, 11 million visitors visit the site.

Pinterest is nothing but a free website, which requires registration for use. The user can manage images, sort, save, and upload, which is known as a pin, which has another media content known as pinboards.

User can found the content outside of Pinterest and uploaded it via PIN it button, which is directly downloaded on the bookmark bar on a web browser. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has given five-star privacy rating to this website.

Pinterest 300 Million Users Monthly Over The Global

The website won the TechCrunch crunchies Award for the best new startup of 2011. In 2012, it won the Webby Awards for the best social media application. And the website took people’s voice award for best functional visual design.

It is a scrapbooking platform, which has 300 million users each month. Every year the company posted their earning report. On August 1ST, 2019, the company also published the earnings report. According to the report, it has grown their user 30% more than the previous year.

The users are called “pinners”. The pinners are increased very fast than snapchat and twitter. The snapchat has 190 million users daily. And Twitter has daily 139 million users.

Pinterest Hits 300 million Users

Around 215 million pinners from outside of the US. According to the last year report, the international pinners grew by 38%. But the US pinners only by 13%. The average revenue of Pinterest is $2.80 in the US.  While the income is $0.11% internationally.

The same as other social media channels; through this, pinners can create brand awareness. Also, Pinterest is now the fastest growing platform on the website. Through this, pinners can share online contents according to the new report.

Pinterest did an incredible growth in 2013. The 80% pinners are women. Because of interests in home arts like decorating, fashion, cooking, etc.  women use Pinterest. So this website became more famous for its users.

Pinterest is social media, which allow users to share and discover new things by posting visually. In Pinterest, the posting known as pinning, where pinners can share images and videos.

Pinterest All Over The Global

The boards known as the collection of pins, which has common themes. And the user can also share the image and videos, which have pinned by other users. By using the visual orientation, the social network focused on user’s personal life.

The Pinterest main goal is to connect everyone through the things they are finding. In this website, pinners can either upload any content from their computer or pin things from its bookmarklet.

Pinterest is the most used social media website for sharing the contents like images, videos, etc. Through this website, users can share their pin things and also can share other pin things.


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