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Hollywood TV Shows: The people of the USA wish to watch shows in their leisure times. For that, we here are discussing the few most popular Hollywood shows of 2019. So one who is interested in knowing them and watching them can see the information related to the shows.

Popular Hollywood TV Shows

Game of Thrones is an American popular TV series created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss for HBO channel. This Tv series based on a Song of Ice and Fire. There are several kinds of tv shows telecasted on American channels, but some show/ series is gaining more popularity and demand. In this article here, we will talk about one of the famous Tv series called “Game of Thrones.”

The show Game of Thrones a fantasy drama television series. This TV series has made in different locations like Canada, Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Morocco, and Spain. The shows it premiered on HBO on 17th April 2011 in the United States. And the last season of this series concluded on 19th May 2019.

Popular Hollywood Tv Show

The Game of Thrones series has a total of eight seasons. Each season has several episodes. After completing one season, views were desperately waiting for the next season. The Game of Thrones series has many fans following. All the seasons have full of drama and entertainment.

All the eight seasons of Game of Thrones have a name, through this viewer can recognize the seasons. The first season called “ A Game of Thrones” which had first aired on 17th April 2011 and this episode ended in 19th June 2011. All seasons have 14- 15 events. Total of eight seasons is having a total of 73 episodes.

The second season as “ A Clash of Kings,” which telecasted on 1st April 2012 and end on 3rd June 2012. This season has some early chapter from the next season. For knowing all the story, the viewer has to watch all the season episode wise.

 GOT –  All Seasons

 The Game of Thrones’s 3rd season had come on 31ST March 2013 and this season has ended on 9th June 2013. This 3rd  season is known as “A Storm of Swords.”  All the seasons are full of fighting, planning, and plotting,  which attract the viewers to watch it.

The 4th season, remaining parts from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd seasons and some elements from 5th season is in this. Season four is called “ A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons.”  This season is also having 14- 15 episodes. All the chapters have been telecasted daily on recommended channels and apps.

The 5th season of Game of Thrones is“ the Winds of Winter,” which has aired on 12th April 2015 and the season ended on 14th June 2015. In this part, some parts from A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons included with original contents. And also this season has some late chapters from A Storm of Swords.

Popular Hollywood TV Shows 2019

In 6th season of Game of Thrones, some original contents and outline from the season 5th with some late elements from 4th season and A Feast for Crows (season 3) elements have included. Ihas aired on 24th April 2016 and the season had off-aired on 26th June 2016.

The seventh season is “A Dream of Spring,” which has aired on 16th July 2017 and ended the season on 27th August 2017. This season has original content and outline from the season the winds of winter and a dream of spring.

And the last season of the Game of Thrones telecasted on 14th April 2019 and the season ended on 19th May 2019. The previous season also has the original content and outline form a dream of spring and the winds of winter. The 8th season name is “The Winter is Coming.”

The television series “Game of Thrones” was telecasting in different channels in different countries. It broadcast by HBO channel in the United States. In China, it telecast in CCTV, telecasted on showcase in Australia. In the UK and Ireland, the Game of Thrones series aired on Sky Atlantic.

Now in India, the series is available on Hotstar. People can watch the show on their tablet, smartphone or laptop, etc. the  GOT is not available in free of cost on Hotstar. People have to get the premium subscription to watch all the seasons of Game of Thrones.

In-Game of Thrones series, more than 300 cast, and characters have performed in it. Now all seasons have completed. People can watch all the seasons at a time after subscriptions. Subscribe the channel and enjoy all the episodes, season-wise on your device.


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