Rent The Backyard To Put A Free Tiny House In Your Backyard


Rent the Backyard want to help with putting a free tiny house in the backyard to decrease the housing crisis. It will take only a few weeks to construct this small house. It will have all the minimum facilities that tenant or guest needs.

Rent The Backyard

Tiny Houses will give you a small house within weeks and also hope it can add some fewer cost apartments in cities to help the states. Rent the Backyard want to address the California housing crisis by building backyard apartments in exchange for a share of rental profits.

Rent The Backyard

Little room to build an opposition to new construction and to build small cottages in backyards is one way to add new apartments. It is essential in cities with crisis and to make faster where the startup will handle the cost, construction process for homeowners. When a tenant moves to this tiny house, they should give a share of rent to Rent The Backyard.

Putting tiny houses in people backyards is a good and easy way that will show slight less the housing crisis. An estimate says that the Bay Area has space for about 300,000 backyard houses.

Californian new law smoothes the permitting process has resulted in a jump in tiny house construction. But it is figuring out on how to get one built is the primary question of all house owners who are interested in a free backyard tiny house.

Rent The Backyard To Put A Free Tiny House

Rent My Backyard will take care of all these things and handle the maintenance of construction. In return favor, you need to split the rent with the homeowner for about 30 years until the tiny house is paid off.

In California, changes in state law in 2017 made it easier to build backyards units. It is by reducing the excessive fees from utilities. And also house owners don’t need to include an extra parking space for a backyard home if they live near public transit.

In Los Angeles, the innovation team helped to build a prototype backyard home. It will help to learn how to streamline the social process. The permits issues for houses raise in the Bay Area around 400 units in 2016 to 1598 in 2017.

Burleigh mentions that many of the homeowners he meets were interested in building backyard homes. These also called Accessory Dwelling Units. We are also hearing from the homeowners that they are familiar with units, and they are excited about them. They are working to make modular, sustainable housing in factories so that the pieces quickly assembled in the backyard.

Free Tiny House In Your Backyard

It is also working with other builders with the same process, so builders are building the units almost off-site. So, there’s minimum disruption to the homeowner. They also say that the construction process will take a little time like a week and a half.

Renting the backyard will meet the house owners to start the process. Now the company plans to focus on the Bay Area. Here the high rents make the business model particularly easy. The company covers the cost of everything, including ongoing maintenance and recovers all these by taking half of its rent. The owner has to split the lease to the point they own the ADU rights.

Tiny House

The Apartments rent will be at the fair market price value. But because they are a small studio, they will be at the lower end of that scale. By starting to fill the large gap in available units, the company could help play a role in lowering the region’s average rental prices.

CASA ( Court Appointed Special Advocates) is a national association of United Stares studies this tiny house in the backyard. It estimates that 300,000 backyard homes can be possible in the San Francisco Bay area. There is a vast potential to build these tiny houses in the backyard all over.


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