Asian Games Gold Medallist Priyanka Panwar Banned For 8 Years


Priyanka Panwar Banned For 8 Years: India’s 400m runners (Women) category and also India’s top quarter miler on Monday suspended for five years due to positive test result for using the banned substance. However, this situation leads to putting an end to her career. Because 29-year-old Priyanka Panwar Banned For 8 Years. Moreover, Asian game gold medalist Priyanka Panwar suspended by National Anti Doping Agency NADA disciplinary Panel. Based on the test result of the athlete’s last year, NADA Panel has given a suspension to her for eight years.

Asian Games Gold Medallist Priyanka Panwar Banned For 8 Years

NADA chief minister Navin Agarwal told, “She has suspended for eight years from July 2016. The test result shows that she used banned substance mephentermine. It is the second time for Priyanka Panwar in the dope test getting a positive result. For the first time, in 2011 She had tested positive for using anabolic steroids. Resulting in the positive test result, the athlete suspended for two years in 2011.

Priyanka Panwar Banned For 8 Years

She won Gold Medal at the Incheon Asian Games in 4x400m women’s relay. Also, she is the part of the  400m runners for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. For the second time, she got positive result during the National inter-state athletics competitions in 2016. So, for using the banned substance mephentermine she has suspended for eight years. Because as per the NADA code, the athlete who gets positive test result for the second time, will have a suspension of maximum eight years. So, for that, she suspended for eight years.

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NADA Bans Priyanka Panwar

The three member NADA disciplinary panel Ramnath, Dr. Bikash Medhi, and Ashok Kumar ignored the words of her lawyer. Priyanka’s lawyer Vidushpat Singhania, said, detecting the banned substance mephentermine happened because mucaine gel instructed by Dr. Vipin Kumar to her for to resolve the constant pain in stomach and back. But the doctor was silent and said he orally advised SOS.

However, the panel did n’t take his affidavit. Finally, the National Dope Testing Laboratory director Said, “She has taken mephentermine directly not through the mucaine gel. Finally, Priyanka Panwar Banned For 8 Years. Also, another player javelin thrower Rohit Yadav banned for one year for using the banned substance anabolic steroid stanozolol.

We all know that Maria Sharapova a Russian Athlete banned in 2016 for two years for using the banned substance. But later reduced to 15 months. She failed a drug test at the Australia Open.

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