Google To Launch Android O On August 21st, Check Android O New Features


Google To Launch Android O: Have you ever felt bore using the same operating system Android 7 or Nougat versions. If you felt bore, then here is good news for you. Google has decided to launch the Android O on Aug 21st. So, let us wait for few more days for to view the differences between Android O and other operating systems.

Google To Launch Android O On August 21st

Already Android O features revealed. After the official launch on Aug 21st, you can enjoy the Android O features. Here are the some of the Android O New features.

Android O New Features: Notification Channels, Revamped Setting interface, Picture in Picture, Show badges, Snooze notifications, System UI Tuner, Call History and SMS Back up, new emojis, File Manager as File, Add extra buttons to the Navigation bar are some of the Android O features.

Google To Launch Android O

For unread notifications, it will show badges as dots. Also, by using Android O you can back up your Cal history and SMS. You can experience the snooze notifications in a predefined time intervals of 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. You can watch the YouTube while you are in another app also by using Picture in Picture feature. After the launch, In Android Phone supported phones just go to Settings » Apps & notifications » Special access » Picture-in-picture to experience the feature.

Have you felt bored? seeing the same old icons, Android O comes with change icon shapes feature. Here are the shapes Square, round, rounded square, squircle, and teardrop besides the default shape. Also, we can some other features like Better SMS authentication Process, Long press the app icon to view the widgets, Enable WIFI for trusted network, Auto fill for Apps, Lock Screen Shortcuts, and Google Play Protect etc. We can expect above all the features in the Android O operating system. Google To Launch Android O OS and features on Aug 21st.

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