Redmi To Produce 100W Super Charge Turbo To Charge Phone In 17 Minutes


Nowadays there is a large number of mid-range and high-end Smartphones available with large-sized batteries. To reduce the charging times, Chinese Mobile phone manufacturers have been providing proprietary fast charging technologies. Many Smartphone companies have launched a fast charging battery in the market.

Redmi To Produce 100W Super Charger

For instance, the recently Vivo company has launched Vivo IQOO gaming mobile phone. This latest Smartphone comes with 44W very fast charging for its 4,000mAh battery. Also, OPPO’s SuperVOOC fast charging technology also brings 50W rapid charging. As well as Huawei Mate X is designed with 55W supercharging technology which charges its 4,500mAh battery in just 35 Minutes. Yesterday, suddenly Xiaomi Redmi launches a video of 100W Super Charger.

Xiaomi Super Charger Turbo 100W
Xiaomi Super Charger Turbo 100W

But very surprisingly, Xiaomi President Lin Bin has shared a video on Weibo to demonstrate the company’s new technology. That is 100W very super fast charge Turbo technology alongside 55W Super charge technology by Huawei. Moreover, Huawei Smartphone charges the 3,700mAh battery to take some more time when compared with Turbo Charge Xiaomi. However, Xiaomi Redmi Turbo Technology Super Charge will only take 17 Minutes to full charge the battery. As well as it takes only 7minutes to charge 50 percent battery power.

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Features Of Xiaomi Redmi 100W Fast Charger

Xiaomi Redmi 100W fast charger is the world’s first 100W charger. This latest Turbo technology can juice up a device from 0 to 100 percent in just 17 minutes. The Xiaomi Company released a video comparing it with an OPPO Smartphone device being charged by a SuperVOOC charger.

  • It has the world’s largest battery capacity.
  • The latest version of Xiaomi battery has outstanding battery life.
  • It is the best supercharging technology and charges full capacity within 17 minutes.
  • Xiaomi Turbo Technology 100W has a current and voltage rating of 5A and 20V.
  • Has a battery capacity of 4,000mAh.
Redmi 100W Super Charger
Redmi 100W Super Charger

Xiaomi Super Charger Turbo Vs Oppo SuperVOOC

Only the Xiaomi Redmi will integrate the first largest battery charger in the market.  Along with that, Xiaomi company has given that it is in mass production, the phone should be released soon. Moreover, they didn’t release the name of the phone or its launch timeline. Xiaomi Supercharger Turbo technology has designed with 4,000mAh battery life. But Oppo SuperVOOC has only 3,700mAh battery life.

The Oppo SuperVOOC charging that works at 10v and 5A, but supercharger Xiaomi 100W charging that works at 20V and 5A. In just in 17 minutes Xiaomi Redmi Turbo 100W will fully charge the Smartphone, but Oppo SuperVOOC has taken 17 minutes time to fill 65 percent only. If you want more information about the latest news and technology, that you can visit and check in Ksweekly.