Toshiba Launches RD500 and RC500 Gaming Grade M.2 SSds With NVMe


Toshiba RD500 and RC500 Gaming Grade – It is an electronics company has newly launched its solid drives RD500 and RC500 series. It has a memory of BICS Flash 3D and featured with a 96 Layer TLC which means Triple Level Cell. This invention is advantageous to the users because it provides high-end performance.

It mainly used for the gamers, developers, System builders, and few more. All its specifications and features are amazing. It provides the best experience on your PCs with less storage latency, and it creates a new generation interface — the complete details about its new launches discussed in the following sections.

Toshiba Launches RD500 and RC500

The two series launched by Toshiba are RD500 and RC500 is designed with an 8 – channel controller which has a BiCS Flash. But both the series are available also with 4 – channel Controllers for random performance. The series RD500 has the capacity of sequel writing and reading up to a speed of 3400 MB per second and throughput of 685,000 IOPS.

Toshiba RD500 and RC500

These series has capacities up to 2,000 gigabytes and 2 Terabytes. It is built maily to perform well compared to SATA SSDs. With this great invention, gamers can use the PC with high performance and speed. It would give the best gaming experience to all its users. They are going to soon enter the market entirely in October or November.

Features Of Toshiba RD500 and RC500

  1. SLC Cache to store the data.
  2. PCle 3.0 generation 3X 4.
  3. It is available and compatible on both PCs and desktop with a Compact form factor of M.2 2280 that is 22x80mm.
  4. 96 Layer TLC
  5. BICS Flash
  6. Interface specifications NVME 1.3e supported by these two series Of Toshiba.

These are the features added to these new models by Toshiba. All the above functions are the extra features added to this than the previous versions or series.

Details About RD500 And RC500

In performance wise RD500 gives 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and RC500gives 250GB, 500GB and 1TB. The sequential read in MB/S for both RD500 and RC500 are 3400 and 1700 respectively. Then coming to sequential write in MB/S is 3200 and 1600.

After sequential read and write, they also perform Random read and write, which is also different for RD500 and RC500. The Random Read for both the series is 685,000 and 355,000 IOPS in 4KiB, QD32 or T8. The random write IOPS for these series are 625,000 and 410,000.

The company Toshiba also gave the warranty to these devices. So the user can change them if they face any troubles with the appliance they purchased. The warranty for both RD and RC 500 series is five years and 3 Years.

Toshiba, with the launch of two new gaming grades, made all the users great attention. It mainly designed for PC gamers who are enthusiastic in playing games on their desktop. Vice President Paul Rowan of Toshiba explains the device structure and the performance provided by it.

Toshiba RD500 and RC500 Gaming grade

Toshiba RD500 and RC500 gaming-grade are the new series that launched with excellent performance and speed. It will be liked by all the users who love to play games on desktop and PCs. The details and specifications of these RD500 and RC500 are detailed explained.

These new technologies simultaneously do reading and writing at high speed, and it is different for RD500 and RC500. We here in the above paragraphs discussed the rate in bytes. Do check them and have a complete idea.

In the above sections, we have given its performance that is out by the Toshiba team. Check them and have an idea about these new devices which are going to enter the market soon.


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