China Wants To Resolve Trade War With the United States In A ‘Calm Attitude’


The trade war between China and the United States is going, and the China country stated that they are willing to resolve everything in a calm attitude. They don’t want any trade war and want to collaborate to solve the problem.

Gao Feng the spokesman for China Ministry of Commerce sys on Thursday that is firmly rejecting the increase of trade war and wants to negotiate and combine to solve the problems calmly.

He also stated that the two countries had maintained effective communication.  China wanted to resolve the issue and bring peace and stop the escalation of the trade war between them.

China Resolves Trade War With The United States

But the Gao Feng did not confirm a claim about on US President Donald Trump on Monday. That the Chinese team had called the United States over the weekend with a desire of reaching a deal soon. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has already said that they are unaware of the call that Trump stated.

China And U.S Trade War

The tensions between the two world’s largest economy countries increased last week and into the weekend. So, that lead with each country announcing plans to increase traffic on billions of dollars excellent goods from the other.

The increasingly trade war between the world’s two largest economies. It sharply increased on Friday with both sides leaving more tariffs on each other’s exports. Also, read about the Apple Reviewing Siri Audio Grading

U.S President Donald Trump has announced additional duty on about $500 billion of targeted Chinese goods on Friday. Hours after this China unveiled retaliatory traffic on $75 billion worth of United States goods.

China Willing To Resolve With U.S In A Calm Attitude

Liu, at a tech conference in southwest china’s Chongqing, said that nobody benefited with a trade war. China is willing to solve the issue through a corporation in a calm attitude. They oppose the increase of trade war.

He also added that increasing trade war is not suitable for China or the United States nor to the interests of the people of the world. U.S companies are especially welcome to China and will get the right treatment. China is always open to enterprises all over the world, including the United States, to invest and operate in China.

Liu also stated that China would continue to create a pleasant investment environment and protect intellectual property rights. The country will also promote the development of smart, intelligent industries with an open market. It will also strongly oppose blockades technologically and try to protect the completeness of the supply chain.

China Wants Clam Resolution For Trade War

The trade war will damage global growth, upset the aliens between countries. It raised the market fears that the world economy will turn into a recession. Global stock market reeled on Monday after the latest measures, while chin currency fell to a fresh 11-year low. Investors streamed into the safe harbors of sovereign bonds and gold — expert’s words about the China and US Trade War that will affect the economy.

China Wants To Resolve In A Calm Attitude

The Gao of Chin Commence Minister also stated that there are quite a lot of kinds of sayings at present in the area of economics and trade. We will clarify the facts and let everyone understand the truth. He also declined to confirm whether these sayings are the effect of the United States President Trump’s comments.

The last public knows a high-level call between the two delegations was on 13th August 2019. After the discussion in the meeting on that day, the Ministry of Commerce says there is a similar call within two weeks. The two sides are expected to meet face to face conversation in September.

Now, after the new increase of rage between the two countries, it is not clear how close the U.S and China is to take another step forward in negotiations. When the Gao Feng asked about this meeting, he said that the two sides are discussing the matter.


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