Apple Campus 2 A Whole New World December 2016 4k Exclusive Video


Apple is currently building a new campus known as Apple Campus 2 in Cupertino near California where the first Apple Campus was constructed. But the look of the new building is totally mind blowing, it looks something came straight out from science fiction. The new campus is a giant with glittering roof coated in solar panels.The campus looks totally out of the world with its futuristic design.

Apple Campus 2 December 2016 Update Video

Those who are eagerly waiting to see this new Apple campus 2, a videographer has released aerial view of the campus on YouTube. Check out the footage below and see the stunning and jaw dropping visuals of the new astounding Apple Campus 2.

In June 2016, a videographer named Matthew Roberts has released the video to the world with the glimpse of the Apple campus 2 in its early stages.

Apple Campus 2 June 2016 Construction Video

In the video you can see the basic structure of the new Apple campus 2 building, the video leaves you to the imagination how does it going to look when it’s completed.By taking consideration of Apple’s previous designs, it was clear that the new building is going to look smoother, silkier and more polished as the months goes on.

Apple Campus 2 A Whole New World Video

Now the latest video is released with Apple campus 2 December 2016 update. Now the picture of the design is very clear with this video. As per the trusted source, Apple campus 2 is going to be opened somewhere in early 2017 only if everything goes according to plan. Check out the new Apple campus 2 December 2016 update video below.

This plan was started in 2011, in a presentation to the Cupertino council on 7 June 2011 steve jobs has stated that they absolutely need to move to a new campus as the new campus is running out space. After four months of his presentation steve jobs died on 5th October 2011. The construction of the new Apple campus 2 started in November 2013.

After 3 years of construction now the building has reached its final stage. According to the reports, the new Apple campus 2 will cover an area of 2.8 million square feet spreading over 176 acres of land. Apple campus 2 can house over 12,000 employees in the building.

From the latest video footage, the new Apple campus 2 looks like a futuristic spaceship. The campus will have 7 cafes and the largest three level cafe can house 3000 people. In addition to this, Apple campus will also have an auditorium with 1000 seat capacity and a 1,00,000 square foot fitness centre. The major highlight of Apple Campus 2 is the green cover which is going to be over 80% when the construction is completed. There would be over 8000 trees planted in the campus which include 309 indigenous varieties.

Soon after the Apple campus 2 is opened for the employees we will get to see the interior design of the campus. As of now, we can only leave it to our imagination. After the official opening, the Apple campus 2 is going to become one the best office buildings in the world. Let us wait and see what more surprises Apple campus 2 has to give to the world on its opening.