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Hanuman Jayanti 2019: It is is the day on which Lord Hanuman, the eleventh incarnation of Lord Shiva was born. Devotees from across India celebrates the birth of Lord Hanuman on the auspicious day of Sri Hanuman Jayanti. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated in the month of Chaitra(the full moon day), on the 15th day of Shukla Paksha according to the Hindu calendar. It is a spring Hindu festival that celebrates every year.

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On this day devotees of Lord Hanuman visit his temples and worship his idol to get blessings and protection from him. All the devotees of Hanuman do prayers by reading Hanuman Chalisa. On this day all the people start their day early in the morning, take a holy bath, apply tilaka on the forehead and offer prayers to god Hanuman.

The temple priests offer prasad, laddu, flowers, coconut, and tilak to all the devotees who visit the temples on that day. All the temples of Lord Hanuman will be decorated especially with lights, flowers, and candles on this Hanuman Jayanti.

Lord Hanuman is a fervent devotee of Lord Rama. Lord Hanuman is also worshiped as a deity to attain victory against the evil spirit and provide protection. It is the most important festival for Hindus and celebrates this day in a traditional and cultural way with lots of devotion and enthusiasm by the devotees. People worship Lord Hanuman as a divine being. Lord Hanuman is a symbol of devotion, energy, and strength.

History Of Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman was born to his parents ‘Anjana’ and ‘Kesari’. Lord Hanuman father Kesari was the son of king ‘Brihaspati’. Hanuman mother Anjana was a heavenly maiden(apsara). Anjana had a ‘curse’ from a monkey. Due to that curse, she born on earth. she will get redeemed from the curse by giving birth to a child of the incarnation of Lord Shiva.

So, Anjana started praying to Lord Shiva with great dedication and attention. Then lord Shiva pleased with her devotion and granted her a son. Thus Anjana gave birth to a child who born with a money-face and named as ‘Anjaneya’. Then Sanjana released from her curse.

There are many stories to derive the birth of Hanuman. One story says he was the son of deity Vayu(god wind). When Anjana prayed to god Shiva for a child, the Vayu send his energy to her womb. Thus Hanuman was born as a son of Vayu. Lord Hanuman, a dedicated devotee of Lord Rama. Lord Hanuman played an important role in “Ramayana” who saved ‘Sita’ from demon king ‘Ravana’.

He gained the love from Lord Rama and Sita Devi with his selfless service and devotion. He was also the one who brought the Sanjeevani mountain to save the life of the god Laxmana. Sri Anjaneya also named as Maruthinandana, Pawan Putra, Chiranjeevi, Bajrangabali, Pavanasutha, Anjanisutha, Mahaveera and many more.

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Different religious people celebrate Hanuman Jayanti on different days. In Maharastra, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on the full moon day in “Chaitra” month. But in some religious calendars, Hanuman Jayanti falls on the fourteenth day of the month of “Ashvin”. In Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, the devotees celebrate by ‘Diksha’ of 41 days which starts on “Chaitra Purnima” and ends on the 10th day of “Vaishaka” month. This year Hanuman Jayanti starts on March 2019 and ends on April 19th, 2019. In Tamil Nadu, Hanuman Jayanti celebrated in the month of “Margazhi”, Moolam Nakshatra.

This year Hanuman Jayanti is recognized as the special significance which occurs after 120 years. The celebration starts with a special abhisheka to the idol Hanuman. After abhisheka, the priests decorate the deity with special flowers and new dresses. The priests also offer a special garland. Devotees visit famous temples of Lord Hanuman on this day to perform special pujas and get blessings from Lord Hanuman. Also, search for Hanuman Jayanti 2019 Celebrations here.

Some people read Sundarakanda, Hanuman Ashtakam, and Hanuman Chalisa on Hanuman Jayanti to gain peace of mind. In Telangana region, Kondagattu is the famous temple of Lord Hanuman. Many people visit this temple on this day.

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Lord Hanuman Symbolizes Strength
And Unparalleled Devotion
And Selfless Service, He Is
The Greatest Devotee Of Lord
Ram. Happy Hanuman Jayanti.

May Pavanputra Hanuman, an avatar of Lord Shiva, a Brahmachari and the God of Strength gives you the wisdom to stay single, physical strength to stay healthy and spirituality to love and devote your life to god!
Happy Hanuman Jayanti!

I wish joy, Harmony, and Prosperity
on Hanuman Jayanti
for you and your family
Wishes on Hanuman Jayanti

Wish you be accompanied with
auspiciousness and blessings
on Hanuman Jayanti…