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Valentine Day which is formally known as Saint Valentine’s Day. This is celebrated on 14th February every year. People who are in love share their love with each other by giving gifts, cards, chocolates, flowers and more. They make their day more memorable with lots of fun, care, and love. Share Happy Valentine Day 2019 Images Greeting Cards with your loved ones. Valentine Day is not only celebrated by lovers but also by your dear ones. One can wish Happy Valentine Day to your friends, wife, husband and near ones.

Valentine Day On 14th February

On Valentine Day, lovers exchange greeting cards, gifts and more. Some even write poetry on their loved ones. Writing poems started at an early age. Valentine Day is celebrated for 8 days that is from 7th February to 14th February. Each day is named as a special day. Check out the unique Happy Valentine Day 2019 Quotes Messages below. Each day and its description are mentioned below.

Happy Valentine Day 2019 Weeks list

Rose Day – 7th February

On 7th February, the day is celebrated as Rose Day. Valentine Day starts with Rose day. Lovers express their love by gifting her girlfriend with a rose. This day resembles energy and eagerness in love. Check Happy Rose Day 2019 Quotes below. Each color of rose represents a different meaning. Here is a list of few color roses.

Happy Valentine Day 2019 Images

Happy Valentine Day 2019 Wishes Images

  • Red rose says – I love you
  • White rose says – My feelings are pure
  • Yellow rose says – You bring joy to my life and Let’s be friends
  • Pink rose says – I like you
  • Orange rose says – I am proud of you
  • Peach rose says – Thank you and I sympathize with you
  • Lavender rose says – I am enchanted by you
  • Blue rose says – You seem like an unattainable dream

Everyone loves the most beautiful girl,
But I love you my red rose,
As it’s you only who make my life beautiful
Happy rose day…..

Love can be expressed in many ways.
One way I know is to send it across the distance
to the person who is reading this.
Happy Rose Day!

Happy Rose Day 2017
Happy Rose Day 2019

Propose Day – 8th February

After Rose Day, the next is Propose Day celebrated on 8th February. One expresses their love to his girlfriend with lots of surprises. A person who loves someone can propose her on this second day of Valentine week. Here are some Propose day 2019 Quotes for your loved ones.

Happy Propose Day 2017
Happy Propose Day 2019

Chocolate Day – 9th February

The third day of Valentine week is Chocolate day. Gift your loved ones with his/her favorite chocolate. This whole day is celebrated with the exchange of chocolates. This resembles the sweetness in their love. The Chocolate day is more liked by girls. Here are some Chocolate Day 2019 Quotes.

Happy Chocolate Day 2017
Happy Chocolate Day 2019

Teddy Day – 10th February

Chocolate Day is followed by Teddy Day. On this day, girlfriends wish to have a beautiful teddy by his valentine. Most of the girls like to have a teddy in their hands. Teddy is one of the cutest parts in love, where every girl wish to have. Mostly this day is celebrated in Europe but nowadays, it is also being celebrated by Indians. Check out Happy Teddy Day 2019 Quotes.

Happy Teddy Day 2017
Happy Teddy Day 2019

Promise Day – 11th February

On this day lovers promise few things to their dear ones. This shows loyalty and faith in love with each other. Lovers promise each other with lots of commitments. Check out Happy Promise Day 2019 Quotes.

Happy Promise Day 2017
Happy Promise Day 2019

Hug Day – 12th February

This day is celebrated as Hug Day. On this day lovers are more excited and this day is fully enjoyed by youngsters. They expect a cute hug from their girlfriend. On Hug, day lovers forget all the disturbances between them and remember cute moments with lots of love and care. Find Happy Hug Day 2019 Quotes below.

Happy Hug Day 2017
Happy Hug Day 2019

Kiss Day – 13th February

Kiss Day is the most beautiful day of Valentine week. It is one of the most memorable days. Love birds express their love with kisses. This day is the most romantic day who express their love in a cute way. Check Happy Kiss Day 2019 Quotes.

Kiss On Hand=I Adore You,
Kiss On Cheek=Lets Be Friends,
Kiss On Neck=I Want You,
Kiss On Lips=I Love You
Happy Kiss Day!

Happy Kiss Day 2017
Happy Kiss Day 2019

Valentine Day – 14th February

Finally, Valentine Day arrives and this day is celebrated to express their love to dear ones. Find Happy Valentine Day 2019 Quotes.

Happy Valentine Day 2017
Happy Valentine Day 2019