Shah Ghouse Dog Biryani Case Solved: Person Behind The Rumour Is Caught


Shah Ghouse Dog Biryani Case Solved: Shah Ghouse one of the most popular biryani serving restaurant in Hyderabad was recently in the news for serving dog meat in Biryani. Soon after that, the Pic has gone viral on social media which has alerted health department. The officials have raided Shah Ghouse to confirm the news. After checking the food and hotel, the official could not find dog meat usage at the hotel.

Shah Ghouse Dog Biryani Case Solved
Shah Ghouse Dog Biryani Case Solved

But some news channels and blogs have reported that Shah Ghouse was arrested, and the hotel was using dog meat in biryani. A case has been filed by the Shah Ghouse owner to find the culprit who spread the fake news to defame the hotel. Shah Ghouse is most famous for its biryani special and been in the market for a long time and has a good reputation.

People with families and friends from various places visit Shah Ghouse for its delicious food. But after the fake news was circulated, customers started thrashing the Shah Ghouse on Social media for serving the dog meat. This news was in headlines and became the hot topic across India.

Hyderabad Shah Ghouse Dog Biryani Case 

At last Cyber Crime police have caught the person who was responsible for spreading the rumour. Shockingly, the culprit was 22-year-old identified as V Chandra Mohan, an MBA student. As per the reports, Mohan did not have any personal vendetta on owner, nor he was hired by someone to do. According to his statement, Mohan wanted to scare his friends who always force his to eat biryani daily.

On December 8, he posted pics in his WhatsApp group stating dog meat found in Shah Ghouse biryani. But his friends thought the news was real and forwarded to others. Soon the news became viral and telecasted in the news. Shah Ghouse owner was arrested, and a case has been registered.

Shah Ghouse lost its reputation, and the hotel has to shut down few days. New channels and blogger have spread the news without knowing the truth. A fake message created to scare Mohan’s friends has now resulted in defamation of Shah Ghouse. The police have now arrested Mohan and case on defamatory content has been registered.