Telangana Formation Day 2019, Achievements and Developments


Telangana Formation Day 2019: The most awaited day for Telangana people is Telangana Formation Day. It is on June 2, 2019, i.e., tomorrow. It is an eye feast for all Telangana People. Telangana state chief minister is Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao. All Telangana people should thank for his achievements and developments in the past three years.

Telangana Formation Day 2019 Achievements 

This time Telangana Formation day 2019 has some unique features. Those features have details about the decision to release TS Government 20000 jobs and launching of KCR biopic film. The day Telangana achieves its new state as celebrated as Telangana Formation Day. The Government of Telangana and Telangana people has happiness in their faces to celebrate the second anniversary of Telangana Formation day 2019.


Finally, with the witness of KCR Telangana people achieved separate Telangana State. Moreover, the Telangana Movement has its initiation between 1969 and 1972. Earlier, Telangana Movement that has occurred in 2009 leads to new state Telangana. This movement leads to form as the 29th state in India. KCR fought so much for Telangana. First, all the different leaders teased about the announcement of Telangana Rashtra Samithi party.

The celebrations may start with the paying tribute to the Telangana Sacrificers. We have various venues for celebrating Formation day in the state. Also, the main events at all venues will be like folk dances, speeches, funny shows, a musical show with famous singers, and the cultural programs of different states may also include.


CM KCR also announced for Swachh Hyderabad keeping in sync with PM Modi’s Swachh Bharath. In 2015, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport was ranked best airport in India. Metro work is also going very fast. Recently Toshiba announced for railway systems project in Hyderabad.

Telangana Achievements In Three Years

Telangana hailed a lot of accomplishments over the past years. Let us have a brief look of achievements towards Telangana.

  • After the separation from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana had given a massive response to the IT sector. While Telangana Chief MInister’s Son KTR succeeded in bringing IT giants Google and Apple to Hyderabad.
  • Telangana achieved its own Road Transportation Corporation TSRTC services.
  • It also launches SHE Teams. They got a massive response from people. SHE teams mainly work to reduce woman Harassments in State. As per the Hyderabad police records, after the SHE teams around 20 percent, woman Harassments cut in the city.


  • Telangana state started t-Hub for Startups in India. Also, it is the largest incubator in India.
  • Launched the online public service commission recruitment program Telangana State Public Service Commission TSPSC in the state with grand success and national popularity.
  • The TRS Government declared Asara Pension Scheme for Physically Challenged Persons, Widows, people with HIV-AIDS, and Beedy workers.
  • Of course, The ruling party TRS also achieved a Gross State Domestic Product GSDP growth of around 9.3%  which is more than the National Growth.
  • The child death rate in the state Telangana came down from 38 to 28 per 1000 live births; which is much better than the National average of 40.


Telangana Developments In Last 5 Years

  • Also initiated a pension scheme of 1000 Rs for Senior citizens. Also, launched Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme for girls who are going to marry.
  • Started IT sector policy for IT giants and kids also began a policy for gaming and animation. It is the first animation and gaming hub in the country.
  • Also, launched mission kakatiya and mission Bhagiratha. Micromax and Uber also facilitated a company in Hyderabad.
  • In 2015, Telangana featured as the third best state in India (Telangana Tourism), in attracting international and domestic tourists.